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It is a Chip, sometimes referred to as a "super-chip". Chevy Corvette and truck with same engine, the chip is the only difference.

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Whats the problem when a 91 camaro rs 350 reaches 80 RPM while in park?

hopefully by 80 u mean 8000 rpms i'd say ur idle is set too high because the car won't idle at 80 rpms once it goes below a certain point it cuts out so i'd say find a way to loosen the throttle cable

Why does my Polo start then cuts out?

crankshaft position sensor

Your 1991 sentra cuts out when the rpms gets to two and a half no matter what gear you are in is it the fuel filiter or something else?

This sounds like the TPS throttle position sensor. Mine also cuts out at 2,000rmp for a split sec and then clears up, it also idles up and down slightly between 800-1000. It's not bad enough for me to change it yet but this is what I was told.

Starts and cuts off quik?

fuel pump or crank sensor

What are the symptoms of bad camshaft sensor on a 2003 Chrysler Voyager van?

Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.

Where does brian find thee survival pack in hatchet?

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What is some of the symptoms of a bad camshaft position sensor on a 4.0 jeep?

No start, dies off, cuts out.

1992 Buick park avenue engine cuts out on acceleration?

1999 buick park avenue cuts off while driveing during excelleration and dash board goes black, rpms dont work when driveing it while driveing it after it dies,if i pull over and restart it dash board comes back on and rpm gauge works,untill it cuts off again

Your 24v Granada cosworth engine is cutting out while driving ive put a brand new crank sensor in but it still cuts out?

check your mass air flow sensor

Will i damage my car if i don't replace the knock sensor when they need replacing?

the knock sensor cuts the engine out so it won't damage the car if not replaced, the car just won't work.

My Car cuts out while driving with no warning?

fuel system check engine light on was diagnose as being the fuel sensor now car cuts off while driving What would be the problems? You think maybe the fuel sensor could be bad? It's nice when the check engine light gives you the answer

When you rev your Harley Sportster it keeps on cutting out?

Stock Harleys come out of the showroom with fitted with a rev limiter that cuts the ignition out at around 5600 rpms. Gets kinda scary when you overtake a truck and halfway there the motor starts to cut out. Can be overcome by fitting an aftermarket ignition module that will rev out to about 7000 rpms.(more than enough for a harley)

Why is your 2003 Ford Taurus cuts off then restarts while driving?

you need to replace the cam shaft positioning sensor

What could the problem be if your car will start up then cuts off?

how long does it run before it cuts out? If it runs for about 5 or 10 minutes and won't start again until it is cold it could be the crankshaft position sensor. If it runs for a few minutes, sounds more like a ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor.

Your car idles up and down when ac is on?

Probably because the compressor is cycling on and off to maintain temperature without freezing. Compressor on car runs slower RPM, compreesor cuts out and RPMs go up.

2ooo xterra will start but runs rough and then cuts off help?

its the Camshaft Position Sensor is bad which locates inside the distributor

Why does the ac compressor cut on and off on a 96 ford e350 75 engine?

It's a cycling clutch compressor, doing what it's designed to do. The AC system is set to operate within a specific pressure range. When it reaches the high side of that pressure range, the compressor clutch cuts out to relieve system pressure. When it reaches the low side of that pressure range, it cuts back on. What you're experiencing is perfectly normal.

Wherw is the battery temperature sensor on dodge ram 1500 4x4 code p1493 on obd?

Usually underneath the battery tray. If not the sensor, then check the wiring back through the fender for cuts etc. If not that, check battery and alternator.

Can someone help me with a Nissan Patrol RD28T with intercooler which cuts out abruptly under load in hot conditions?

check mass air flow sensor

Does a 1986 Prelude have a crash sensor that cuts the fuel supply?

I know for sure that the 87 accord does and I think that all Honda cars have tis feature

Your 2000 vectra cuts out at 70mph the engine management light comes on and either get full or no power at this point any ideas?

Camshaft Sensor fault... goes in to limp mode won't rev more than 4,5000 rpm Change sensor but make sur it is a genuine Seimans sensor

In Kotor 2 is master vrook supposed to come out of his cage or do you have to disable it?

I think you have to defeat all the enemies in that part of the first. Then, it cuts to mini movie where he's free, or something like that. Hope that helps!

R reg vauxhall corsa problem - when temperature reaches 95 degrees engine cuts out the engine management light comes on and the engine will not restart?

If there's a temp sender for the ECU change it Firstly make sure nothing is causing overheating like coolant and water levels. It is common for the temperature sensor to be faulty and not turning on the cooling systems in time to prevent overheating. Be careful in diagnisis because the corsa's sensor will have to be located from underneath and might require a mechanic.

Where is it on the truck 2003 blazer 02sensor heater circuit malfunction bank 1 sensor 2?

The bank 1 sensor 2 O2 sensor on that vehicle should be the sensor after the catalytic converter. Inspect the wiring for damage, cuts and such, if the wiring looks okay it is probably the heater circuit within the sensor, replace the sensor. Unplug the wire harness from the sensor and cut the wires off at the sensor. This will allow you to slip a 7/8" box wrench over the sensor to remove it. Install the new sensor using a 7/8" open end wrench, tighten it as you would a spark plug. Reconnect the wire harness.

What is wrong when a 1999 gsxr dies when you put it in gear?

the sensor for your side stand may not be working so it thinks the stand is down and cuts out as a safety feature.