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Q: What is the setting of chapter 1 in 'Of Mice and Men'?
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What is the setting of chapter 1 in the book of mice and men?

Chapter 1 is set on a riverbank near salinas.

What are similes for 'Of Mice and Men'?

I think there are lots of similes in the opening of the Chapter 1 of the Novel. (description of the setting)

What is the theme in chapter 1 in Of Mice and Men?

new beginnings

What is the personification in chapter 1 Of Mice and Men?

the wooden latch raised

What happens in Chapter 1 Of Mice and Men?

Basically the first chapter is about the setting of the story. Which is during the great depression and its in California. The first chapter introduces the characters and also their personalities it also tells about where their heading and why there heading there.

In chapter 1 of mice and men in his bindle what did george have for his and Lennie's dinner?

beans but no ketchup. :(

In mice n men in Chapter 1 does Lenny have a mouse in his hand true or false?


What is Lenny supposed to do it the boss talk to him in Chapter 1 all mice and men?

He is not supposed to do nothing "I not gonna do nothin".

What are some examples of forshadowing in Chapter 1 'Of Mice and Men'?

When George told Lennie where to hide if there was any trouble that they would run into in the next town is an example of foreshadowing in chapter 1.

What is the mood in Of Mice and Men Chapter 1?

calm and peaceful mood, serene, pleasant, tranquil {hope that's enough} :D

What are the metaphors in chapters 1 and 2 in Of Mice and Men?

In chapter one "dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws"

Where are george and Lennie going in mice and men in Chapter 1?

they are going to a ranch where they hope to find jobs where they can work so they can afford to live their dream.

What is the first page number in Of Mice and Men?


In of mice and men how is the water snake in chapter 6 different from the one in chapter 1?

The snake in chapter six is eaten by a heron which symbolizes the upcoming death of Lennie while the snake in chapter one isn't eaten because it symbolizes the new beginning that Lennie and Goerge planned to have.

What do the mice represent in chapter 1?

The frailty of life itself..the fragile nature of man...and how easily

In the book the giver what is the setting of the story in chapter 1?

The setting of The Giver is in a lot of places, so you cant detemine where :)TROLLOLOLOLOLOL

Why did john Steinbeck write chapter 1 and 2 on of mice and men?

because hes a boss like that jkjk no he wrote it to show some backround information and show Lennie and George's relationship

What is the setting of The Catcher in the Rye in chapter 1?

Holden is at a rest home talking to a therapist.

Lord of the Flies what is the setting for Chapter 1?

Most of chapter one takes place in the scar in the jungle and on the beach next to the lagoon.

Where can you read the book Of Mice and Men?

This is a great free site to read the short novel 'of mice and men' hope you enjoy it :D Please click # 1 below. You can go back in forth in the novel by flipping the pages on the books corners. and here is the audio book version: Please click # 2 below. This is for chapter 3, just change it.

What chapter is the barfight in x men origins wolverine?

chapter 1 second checkpoint the tale of wolverine psn id naballiss

What do you learn about the lives of migrant workers in Of mice and men in section 1?

stop trying to get people to do your homework.

What are the release dates for Flash Gordon - 1979 Chapter Five The Beast Men's Prey 1-5?

Flash Gordon - 1979 Chapter Five The Beast Men's Prey 1-5 was released on: USA: 20 October 1979

Why was candy from 'Of Mice and Men' marginalized in society?

Because he is old and useless...he only has 1 good hand..etc

Can i get thesis statement for 'Of Mice and Men'?

1. In "Of Mice and Men," John Steinbeck utilizes his prevailing themes of friendship and loneliness, through his deep characterization and interconnection between George and Lenny, in order to illustrate glamorized desire of "the American dream."