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double helix

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Q: What is the shape of a DNA molecule formed when two twisted DNA strands are coiled into a springlike structure and held together by hydrogen bonds between the bases?
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What holds two atoms in a hydrogen molecule?

The two hydrogen atoms in a hydrogen molecule are held together by a covalent bond.

What is the chemical structure of the molecule?

Each molecule has a specific structure.

What helps molecule stick together?

Hydrogen bonds

The two strands of a DNA molecule are held together by what?

Hydrogen Bonds

Is hydrogen always written as H2?

'H2' is a Hydrogen molecule (2 atoms of hydrogen joined together) - Hydrogen in its natural state (the gas) exists as the hydrogen molecule. A single atom of Hydrogen is just 'H'

What is h2 in chemistary?

H2 is one molecule of Hydrogen as found naturally. It is called H2 because in one molecule of Hydrogen there are Two atoms of hydrogen bonded together.

How is a molecule of hydrogen form from two hydrogen atoms?

Well with any element when two atoms are put together they are known as a molecule of that element. So one atom of hydrogen is known as one atom of hydrogen and two atoms of hydrogen is known as one molecule of hydrogen.

Why is the water molecule or a compound?

The water molecule is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen sort of fused together.

Hydrogen bonds hold the hydrogen atoms together in a hydrogen molecule?

Non polar bond between the two hydrogen atoms.

How do an atom of hydrogen and molecule of hydrogen differ?

A molecule of hydrogen is two atoms of hydrogen bonded together so that they share their single electrons, making them act as if they had a full s1 orbital in both atoms.

How is water H2O?

because it is 2 molecule of hydrogen bonded with a molecule of oxygen together giving water.

What kind of bond holds the two strands of a DNA molecule together?

hydrogen bonds. The other bonds are covalent bonds.