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What is the shape of a mouse?

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There is no spicific shape

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What are the different mouse pointers and shape?

There are thousands of shapes available for your mouse pointer.

What shape is the Disney channel LOGO?

Mickey mouse

Why is a computer mouse like flagella in a cell?

The round shape of the mouse and the wire coming out of one end is similar in shape to a cell with a single set of cilia/flagella.

3 On the desktop the is the shape of a block arrow?

A mouse pointer

What does the mouse pointer change into when it is moved into a document?

a Croatia's shape

What is the shape of the mouse as it moves over hyperlink an a webpage?


What is the most humane type of mouse trap?

There is a mouse trap called a 'Smart Mouse Trap' and it is in the shape of a house. The mouse runs inside and the door to the house shaped mice catcher simply closes without harming the mouse.

What are common shapes for the mouse pointer?

a arrow is the comman shape for the pionter

What happens to the mouse pointer in Word when you perform different tasks?

To make a window wider, you would move the pointer until it changes to the Horizontal Resize shape and then _____.

Who invented the computer mouse and how did it get its name?

Doug Englebart in 1963 and it got the name because of the shape with the cord looked like a mouse.

How does rat poop look different from mouse poop?

Rat feces is a lot larger than mouse poop, and they are both cylindrical in shape.

When you are changing the size of a window what shape does the mouse pointer assume?

Doubble Array

What is the shape of the mouse pointer when it is located in the texted area?

It usually looks like an arrow. But you can customize the mouse cursor to have a wide range of appearances if you want to. You can do this by going into 'My Computer' and selecting the mouse icon.

How do you make a LEGO mouse?

You just use pieces from your Lego collection and shape them until they become a mouse. There is no wrong way to do it. Just start building.

Is a Hamster a rat or Mouse?

it is not a rat. but people sometimes say its a rat because of size and shape.

What are the mouse pointers in ms Excel?

While typing in the cells it will have the shape of 'I', same as that in MS word

When a shape has been selected the mouse pointer changes to a to indicate it has been added to the Clipboard?


What shape does the mouse pointer take on when you try to resize a window?

A line with an arrow at each end.

Why does a computer have a mouse and why is it called a mouse?

A computer mouse is an input device which allows a user to move a pointer on the screen with their hand and to click on its buttons to select things on the screen. It is called a mouse because of its shape. It has a rounded body much like a rodent, and it has a long skinny cord, much like the tail of a live mouse.

When inserting a shape you drag the crosshair mouse pointer from the upper-left to the lower-right to form the desired location and size of the shape?


How small a hole can a mouse get through?

Mice can get through a hole the size of a ballpoint pen, if you look at the pens bottom its the shape of a small circle, that is how small a hole a mouse can get through.

15 The mouse pointer shape changes to a two-headed arrow when positioned on what?

Sizing Handle

What happens when you move the mouse over a hyperlink?

it shows a hand pointing to it

Will an mouse fall faster that an elephant?

No, the elephant falls faster than the mouse. It is because tiny things have a much larger surface-area-to-mass ratio than do larger things of similar shape.

Why are computer mice named after actual mice?

The common computer mouse was named thus due to its resemblance to actual mice. The wire is somewhat "tail-like", and the whole contraption in has a mouse-like shape to it.

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