What is the shape of Italy?

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Italy is a shape of a boot

Italy is often compared to the shape of a boot.

Italy is in the shape of a boot A boot. Italy is in the shape of a boot.. lol jk is not thank mr skeltal

No, Italy has that shape.

The nickname given to Italy is the boot. This nickname is in reference to the shape of the country because it is shape like a boot.

Yes the shape of Italy is a boot if you look closely in the globe you can see a crooked boot

The particular boot shape part of Italy is Florence.

Yes. It resembles a boot.

Italy, with its boot shape extending into the Mediterranean Sea. .

The European country that is in the shape of boot is Italy, and it's capital is Rome.

Italy is a boot shaped European country. Rome is the capital city of Italy.

Italy. It is the shape of a boot if you look at it on a map

The country of Italy is somewhat shaped like a boot.

It is because it's shape like a boot

Because of its country shape, which looks identical to a boot.

It is Italy. It is a peninsula which is shaped like a boot.

Look at the shape of it from a world map or a map of europe and you have your answer!

Its shape has, over the aes, reminded people of a boot.

Italy is shaped like a boot because of the three peninsulas that contribute to its shape (Calabria, Salento, and Gargano).

Italy is a peninsula that is in the shape of a boot that looks like it is kicking.

a state (country) that has a long narrow shape like Chile, or Italy

The country you are referring to is Italy and the capital is Rome.

The shape of a rabbit. Less so than Korea, more so than Jordan. The shape of a boot. Less so than Italy, more so than Pakistan.

Italy is the European country shaped like a boot.

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