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The cross was part of a Roman execution method called crucifixtion. It was possibly the most horrible way to die in history, as people hung there until they're lungs collaspsed in and they suffocated. it was literally torture. now the cross, which used to be a horrific symbol, has been turned into a symbol of love and kindness. this is because jesus died for you.

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What is the definition of signifigance?

Of or containing to importance.

What does Signifigance mean?

it means ignorance

What is the signifigance of Jamestown?

It was the first town in the 13 colonies

What is the significance of realpolitik in the unification of Germany?

The signifigance is you (potato & Kiwi)

How do you spell signifigance?

The word is spelled "significance" (meaning or importance).

Why did the Horyuji temple in Japan have a second story?

To emphasize the structures signifigance

What is the signifigance of Indias monsoon season?

it supplies 80% of indias yearly rainfall

What is the signifigance of tamales?

They were made in order for the poor people to have something to unwrap for Christmas

What was the signifigance of Berlin wall?

The line of communism and the separation of East and West Germany.

What is the signifigance of the loss of ozone from the stratosphere?

See "What are the causes and effects of ozone layer depletion?"

What was the signifigance of the kristallnacht?

Jewish business were destroyed (broken glass) or (kristalnacht) and some Jews killed............................

What was the signifigance of the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Fatal shooting of Stonewall Jackson by his own men - officially accidental.

What is the significance of the Poem Conscience by Henry David Thoreau?

the signifigance was that he was raped 46 times after writing it

What does the color red symbolize on the canadian flag?

Canada's official colours are red and white. They have no particular signifigance.

What was the signifigance of the attack of Pearl Harbor?

The attack on Pearl Harbor is how the United States became involved in WW2

Did the Romans adopt Poseidon?

u really never answered my question does poseidon have signifigance today u stupid idiot

What was the signifigance of the first Battle of Bull Run?

It was the first major battle of the civil war.It was fought near in Manassas in Northern Virginia.

Why is walking scientific?

The proper angles and alignment of muscles. Exertion, energy processes, its biological signifigance. It is a function on an organism of great importance.

What was the signifigance of FW De Klerks presidency in south africa?

Nova Net Answer: All adult south Africans received the right to vote.

What is the signifigance of the title Things fall Apart?

It implicitly foreshadowed the falling apart of Igbo society as well the falling apart of Okonkwo's life and ambitions.

What type of maple leaf is used on Canada's flag?

The maple leaf on the Canadian flag is an 11 pointed maple leaf. There is no signifigance to the 11 points.

What is the signifigance of the way highways are numbered?

All odd numbered highways run North/South. All even numbered highways run East/West.

What is the signifigance of a butterfly landing on a person?

Butterflies are often thought to be the carriers of souls from the afterlife. If a butterfly lands on a person, it could be a loved one's way of letting them know they are there.

What does it mean when 4 doves are outside your window?

It means most likely there is a food source nearby, or a safe place they can roost without threat of predators. There is no 'cosmic" signifigance.

What is a navy steel training?

"As far as i can tell it would be the retraining of navy for the steel ship integrated in the 1800's.the signifigance of ""wood"" or ""steel"" navy no longer applies."