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hats the similarities and differences

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What are the differences between calligraphy cuneiform and hieroglyphics?

hieroglyphics was done by egyptians calligraphy was done by the Chinese

What did hieroglyphics and cuneiform encourage development of?

Hieroglyphics and cuneiform led to the development of written language.

What is the difference from cuneiform and hieroglyphics?

Cuneiform uses triangle things and hieroglyphics use pictures like birds and other stuff. And cuneiform is from Mesopatmia.

Is hieroglyphics and cuneiform the same thing?

No. Hieroglyphics is an ancient Egyptian pictorial script. Cuneiform writing was used by the Sumerians.

What is the difference between cuniaform and hiergliphics?

Cuneiform is a Sumerian langue, while hieroglyphics is Egyptian. 1 uses pictographs, Cuneiform doesn't.

Are eygptian hieroglyphics more advanced than sumerian cuneiform?

Hieroglyphics are more advanced even however, cuneiform may be spreaded out worldwide, hieroglyphics used papyrus which is like paper we right in today. Cuneiform is written in clay tablets. Also cuneiform was much earlier than the hieroglyphics. The last thing I know is that Hierohlyphics was read horizontally to and vertically and had more letters to use than Cuneiform...

What are the early forms of writing?

Hieroglyphics. Cuneiform

What did hieroglyphic and cuneiform systems provided?

Hieroglyphics and cuneiform systems were ancient forms of writing.

Is Egyptian form of writing hieroglyphics or cuneiform?

The ancient Egyptian writing system is called "hieroglyphics."

What is the synonym and antonym for hieroglyphics?

Cuneiform and cursive, respectively .

Who first wrote the hieroglyphics?

The Egyptians did. Via a long way, our alphabet is also related to hieroglyphics (via Greek, Phoenician, Cuneiform, and then Hieroglyphics)!

What are the similarities between hieroglyphics and Phoenicians?

Both use symbols, however for different purposes.

What does hieroglyphics and cuneiform have in common?

both have names that are hard to say and spell :-)

What is significant about cuneiform?

I believe that cuneiform was one of the first languages ever. I am currently studying the Sumerians and ancient times and I am pretty sure that cuneiform and hieroglyphics were the first alphabets.

Was either cuneiform or hieroglyphics the first writing?

cuneiform was the first because the sumerians came before the egyptians and by the way I am in 6th grade.

What are some similarities between English alphabet and cuneiform alphabet?

Both are used to represent spoken languageBoth have symbols that represent consonants (at least in later Cuneiform writing).

What are some differences between Egypt and mesopotamia?

One difference would be their written language. Ancient Egypt's line of communication was Hieroglyphics. Mesopotamia's was Cuneiform.

What are he five original written languages?

Sumerian cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Harrapan, Mayan and Chinese.

What were the similarities and differences between Egyptian hieroglypics and mesopotamian cuneiform writing systems?

From what I understand, they are very different - the Egyptian hieroglyphics were actual pictures that represented emotion, or a physical thing. An eagle represented the bird, but also flying. The cuneiform technique was created by pressing a tool into clay to create symbols. so I would say that the Egyptians were more advanced at that time. Great question. Anyone else know?

How did the egyptians writing system compare with the mesopotamian system?

Egypt used hieroglyphics, Mesopotamia used cuneiform

How were the Egyptians and Sumerians different and similar?

Egypt: hieroglyphics, pyramids, pharaoh. Sumer: cuneiform, ziggurats, bureaucracy.

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