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What is the size difference between Misses and Womens?

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Misses are for people who have a more slender, skinnier frame and waistline and are technically geared toward the teenager population who are still growing. Women's sizes are for the older woman with the curvier figure (not to be confused with overweight).

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What does a misses size 12 equal in a womens size?

Misses and womens sizes are cut differently and usually are not similar. Misses sizes are for averagely sized females where womens sizes are for plus-size or full-figured females.

What is a womens size 2 in misses or juniors?

i would say its around a 3/4 in juniors, i wear a size two in misses and i usually fit anywhere between a size 2-4 in juniors.

Is there a difference in size 16w and 18 misses?

There is only a slight difference between 16w and 18 misses. 16w is slightly wider and shorter than 18 misses.

Is there really a difference between men and womens t-shirts?

The only difference between men and womens t-shirts is the size. Mens t-shirts are normally bigger.

What is the difference between size 18W and size 18?

18W is in Women's sizes, (fuller cut) and 18 is in misses' size (slimmer cut).

If a girl wears a size 11 in junior sizes what is the size in womens?

She would wear a misses 10 or 12 depending on the fit because junior sizes are cut differently than misses sizes.

If a girl wears a size 3 in junior sizes what is the size in women's sizes?

Junior sizes are a slimmer cut and typically fall between the misses so a size 3 jr would be a misses 2 or 4. Misses are a little fuller cut so I would suggest the smaller size in misses.

What does size 17 in juniors convert to in misses size?

17 juniors is what size in misses

What is the length difference between shoe sizes 8 and 9?

Approximately 5/16 inch between each full size. (Womens Size 8 = 9 11/16 inches and Size 9 = 10 inches)

Difference between a size 12 and 12W?

There is a difference between a Misses size 12 and a Women's size 12W. Traditional plus or "women's" sizing is cut with a deeper arm hole, lower and larger bust-line, and larger waist compared to hip ratio than "Misses" sizes. This results in 12W being about one size larger than a Misses Size 12. This cut difference also means a better fit for differing body types. Those women with a traditional hour glass or pear body type will usually find a Misses size range fits better. Women who have a rounder, more apple shaped figure and carry their weight mainly in the bust and abdomen, will find the traditional plus-size clothing or Women's Sizes will fit their figures better.

What is Difference between Man Cricket and Women Cricket ball?

size of the ball and ground is more in mens cricket when compared to womens cricket.

What is the difference between the women's clothing size 2x and 2XL?

xxl is a misses size and is shaped in a hour glass, 2XL is a woman sized shirt with extra room in breast and stomach area

What size in misses jeans equals juniors size 15?

It would be a size 16 in Misses.

If you wear a size 8 in mens shoes what size would you wear in womens shoes?

There is approximately a 2 size difference between men's women's shoes. A men's size 8 would be approximately a women's size 10.

What would a junior size 5 be in a women's size?

It would be either a 4 or 6 in womens, the only difference is womens sizes are even numbers and juniors are odd but the exact same size.

If you wear a size 12 in woman's what size would you wear in misses?

a size 12W is a 14 misses I wear a 14W but have to wear a 16 Misses

What is size 6 misses jacket juniors?

It is a misses, size 6, juniors, jacket =]

If you wear a size 7 in Juniors what would that be in Misses?

If I wear a junior size 7, what size would I wear in a misses size?

What is a youth size 6 to womens?

Its a size 8 in womens

What is the difference in size of a male and female rabbit?

There's no size difference between the sexes, only size difference between the breeds.

What is the difference between miss and women's size?

Women's sizes are usually for a fatter woman than a misses size will fit. That's pretty much the difference. Why would you answer a question when you don't know the answer? That's not the difference; misses sizing is generally geared towards teenage women who haven't fully developed the curves they will. CURVES - as in hips, breasts, etc. Women's sizes are for...women. Misses sizes are odd-numbered; women's sizes are even numbered. (Do you think a size 2 is bigger than a size 13?) Also: designers (like Marc Jacobs, not Scussy) use women's sizes or the European equivalent.

What would a mens waist size 36 be in womens clothing size?

Mens waist sizes are simply womens sizes + 20. For example, Womens size 8 = Mens size 28 and Womens size 10 = Mens size 30. To answer the question, a mens waist size 36 is a womens size 16.

What are the size differences in juniors misses Petites and womnens?

juniors- odd numbers up thru 11 misses- even numbers thru 12 petites- short length, even and odd thru 12 womens- even and odd from 13

Is a K cup a womens intimate apparel size?

Yes, K is a cup size on women's bra chart. Cup size is calculated by the difference between the inches around the ribcage and the measurement around the largest part of the breasts.

What is junior size 7 in misses?

A junior size 7 would be the equivalent of a misses 6. Misses clothing are cut with fuller thighs and hips, so it would be a smaller size for juniors.