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Google Chrome downloaded from Google is exactly 8.87 MB..

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โˆ™ 2009-08-07 11:40:12
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13 mb

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Q: What is the size of Google Chrome software?
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What kind of software is Google?

Google is not a software but is a website. It has created software like Google Chrome,

What is the Google Chrome camera software?

Google Chrome does not have an external software for camera. It creates an intent for camera to start.

Is Google Chrome a software program?

A software program is simply a program that is installed or running on a current computer. So yes, Google Chrome is a software program.

Is Google Chrome a application software?

Google Chrome is a internet browser. It is download as an application file.

What is the developer of Google Chrome?

The developers behind Google Chrome were the one in GOOGLE. They developed the software for public use in 2008.

What type of software does Google produce?

Software available from Google include: Google Chrome and Google Gears. Google chrome is an internet browser and Google Gears is a browser extension allowing offline access to google tools and services.

Is there a software that can translate Chinese software into English?

If you use Google Chrome it has that feature

What are examples of application software?

browsers (google chrome, firefox)

What type of software is Google Chrome?

Chrome for desktop is a desktop based software. It is a web browser that opens up web pages.

Does Google Chrome comes with video converter?

No, Google Chrome does not come with a video converter. Google Chrome has no tie-up with any such software or utilities. However applications, extensions, themes can be installed on Google Chrome from Chrome Web Store. Installing these can improve the productivity and can help you get most out of your Chrome web browser.

Is Google Chrome a web browsing program?

Google Chrome is a web browsing software. It helps the server side to interact with the client side.

Is Google Chrome like notjustbrowsing?

Google Chrome is just a browsing software. The latest version also includes a small game as well.

Why did Google make Google Chrome?

Google, as a company, attempts to create all kinds of software until they make something well. Google Chrome was their attempt at creating an internet browser.

What are the names of some Google Software applications?

The names of some of the Google Software applications are Google Chrome, Google earth, Gmail notifier, Picasa, Google Pinyin, and also Google toolbar.

How do you install Google Chrome?

Google Chrome, Google's browser can be installed as easily as other software. You just need to download it from Google's website. It will walk you through the steps and you'll have it installed at no time.

How do you open Google Chrome?

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

How do i block a website from opening on Google chrome?

Okay, so there is a software on my computer that keeps opening google chrome on its own to its website and i want to make it so that the software can never open to that website. Is there a way i can block the website so whenever the software tries to go to the website it doesn't even open google chrome? Thanks for answering!

What is the size of Google Chrome?

Chrome generally limits its size to 400-500 MB on disk. This is a very minimal size as compared to the functions it performs.

Will Google Chrome effect your McAfee?

Chrome will not alter MacAfee software easily. You have to override the settings in order to make changes.

What is the difference between Google and Google Chrome?

Google is a company whose services include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Google Chrome is a web browser with which you can visit websites.

Where could one download Chrome?

The web browser Google Chrome can be downloaded directly from the Google home page. It can also be downloaded from Tipsdrive, Software-mirrors or Techrepublic.

Can the iPad use Google Chrome?

You cannot use Google Chrome on your iPad. There is now a Chrome app available in the App Store. However, it's not a full version of Chrome, and it relies on the same page rendering software as Safari on the iPad.

What happens when your Google Chrome theme is a bit bigger than the Google Chrome?

You can always select the theme which suits you best. All themes are kept keeping the chrome's size in mind.

Is Google Chrome cancelled?

No, you can download Google Chrome from Google.

How do you install a Google Chrome onto a ps3?

You don't PS3 does not have software to support that browser