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Mine from UT is 11x14

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Q: What is the size of a standard college diploma?
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Where should the seal on a diploma be placed?

The gold seal is particular to the college or university. There is no standard seal.

What schools can you go to with cornerstone diploma?

Hello. What college can I attend with the diploma I have

Iti diploma college list in orissa?

Iti diploma college list in orissa?

What are the education requirements for nursing in the past?

A college diploma or a degree A college diploma or a degree

Will a college recognize a diploma from a naahe school?

will a college recognize a diploma from a naahe high school

What does distinction mean in a college diploma?

My college in NJ granted on your diploma "with distinction in ", if you had a 4.0 in your major.

What is a digree in biology?

A biology degree is a college diploma obtained by attending college for the sole purpose of obtaining a college diploma in the field of biology.

Once you receive your diploma can you enroll into a cuny college?

Once a person receives their diploma from this program can they enroll into a cuny college?

You want to see the image of mancunia college?

Mancunia College is UKBA Sponsor Licensed College with varity of courses from Certificate to Master levels. Mancunia College is developing very fast and growing in different part of the world. Mancunia College is offering following courses: # Business, Management, Accounting, Finance (Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Diploma, Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma, MA, MSc, MBA) # Law # Medicine # Nursing # IT

What is better transferring from a community college or from a university?

A university diploma is much better, and more expensive, than a diploma from a community college.

Is University of Wales approved by AICTE?

i am doing diploma in computer engineering from UGC recognize college after diploma can do BE from AICTE recogize college

How can you get a job?

what you have to do is first get a diploma unless not in college or still in college you find a job that matches your diploma if no diploma look around town for easy job. I'm a babysitter i get 5$ a hour