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What is the size of both door and rear speakers for a 2005 Nissan altima?


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they are 6X9 in the rear and 6 1/2 in the doors

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The 2005 Nissan Altima S (both 2.5 and 3.5) use 4.5 quarts of 5W-30.

The 2005 Nissan Altima came equipped in a 2.5L 4-cylinder and 3.5L V6. Both vehicles have a single thermostatic valve for the cooling system.

No both the V6 and four cylinder motors of the 2007+ Nissan Altima have timing chains.

Yes, the Nissan Maxima is the top of the line Nissan car and comes with a V6 engine. The Nissan Altima comes with either a 4 cyl. or a V6. They are both front wheel drive cars.

Both the four cylinder and the 6 cylinder have timing chains - 09 Nissan Altima

17 inch rims on a 98 Nissan AltimaYes you can put 17' rims on a 1998 Nissan Altima. The tire size which works best on both axels is 215/45, But based on the body size of the 98 Altima, you might want to go with 18 inch rims.

In a 2008 Nissan Altima, you can use a 2007 rear clip to replace a broken one. Both model years use the same clip, so they are interchangable and will fit both cars.

An engine control diagram for a 1994 Nissan Altima can be found in an automobile repair manual. Both Chilton and Hayes repair manuals are available for most vehicles.

both front and back are 6 1/2" speakers

The Nissan Altima is a mid-sized car manufactures by Nissan. The car had a number of changes like increasing the engine power from 150 tot 155 hp and drive ratios were shortened on both transmissions.

both front door and rear deck have 6x9's

These were covered under a Nissan factory recall. Call the dealer, let them know about the recall for the crack shaft sensor, and it should be a free replacement. I have a 2002 Altima and actually had to get mine replaced twice...both at the dealer...both free of charge due to the recall on the part.

The 1997 Nissan transmission computer is located next to the automobile computer. Both computer units will be behind the passenger side dashboard.

If the 1997 Nissan Altima with an automatic transmission is shifting gears too early, it could be that the shift solenoid for the transmission is faulty. Both the shift solenoid and the speed sensor on the transmission should be checked.

To remove a 1993 Nissan maxima rear speakers you will have to remove the seat back, you will need a wrench to remove both of the bolts on each side. The seat will move once done, and then pop the parcel shelf trim. The speakers should come out.

It is attached to the fuel pump. both are located in the fuel tank and not serviceable parts

The 2006 BMW 325i will cost way more to maintain if you have to repair anything. The 2006 model had problems with the software for the computer which will cost around $100 to repair. Also failure of the crankcase ventilation system which will cost around $300 to repair. The rear window lifter can also fail which will cost around $200 to repair. The 2007 Nissan Altima has no real problems. I would buy the 2007 Nissan Altima.

Yes, this is true for the 2.5 engine. The part # has been updated a number of times by Nissan and both cam and crank sensors are now the same part#.

Looks like both Hertz and Avis have Camry's and Altima Hybrids in their fleet. Depends on your location whether they'll have one available, and they don't come cheap.

For the 2002 - 2006 Nissan Altima, the ECM and TCM are both located under the dashboard, behind the glove box. You must remove the glovebox to access these modules. Remember that any yellow wires or connectors are for the air bags. You should probably refer to a service manual before accessing anything electrical/electronic.

I currently own 2 Nissan and the mileage on both are high. My 96 Altima is 325,568 right now and it is still running great. The other one I have is a 94 Sentra and the mileage on that is over 400,000 and again it is still running great. I know that didn't directly answer your question, but it might give you an idea of what to expect from these autos.

Since They Are Both Hydrolic fluids nothing will happen it will work normally for a short amount of time

According to online sources, 6x8 speakers, both front and rear.See "Related Questions" below for more

No, the 240sx is a rear wheel drive car and the transmission is completely different from the front wheel drive Altima. The engines themselfs are also set up differently even thought they both share the "KA24DE" engine code.

take your key fob and depress both lock and unlock at the same time . the system will switch back and forth

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