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The earth is about twice as large (in diameter) as Mars, but the earth's mass (weight) is ten times greater.


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The planet Mars is smaller than the Earth. It is also smaller than the planet Venus, which is the planet that is closest in size to the Earth (but like Mars, Venus is smaller than the Earth).

VenusVenus.Venus is closer to the size of Earth.

Mars is approximately half the size of the Earth.

Venus is four-fifths the size of Earth.

The two planets that are closest in size to Earth are it's neighbours: Venus and Mars. Of the two, Venus is nearly the same size, with a diameter of 12,104km (compared to Earth's diameter of 12,756km). Mars is smaller - almost half the size of Earth - with a diameter of 6792km.

Venus is roughly the same size as Earth. Mars is only half the diameter of Earth and has less than 11% of the mass, and 28.4% of the surface area.

The diameter and mass of Venus is close to the diameter and mass of Earth.

it's smaller than the Earth, about the size of Mars

Mars is a smaller planet, but not the smallest (mercury). Mars is about fifty percent smaller than our earth. the size of the planet go in the order of Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune ,Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Mars has a similar size to the Earth. There may be life on Mars. Actually, the Earth is almost twice the size of Mars (1.88 --> 1). Venus is much closer to the size of Earth (1.05 --> 1)

Venus is a planet, nearly the same size as the Earth.

The order of Mercury ,Venus and Mars by size is: Mercury ,Mars and Venus

Least to greatest what?:SizeMercuryMarsVenusEarthDensityMarsVenusMercuryEarth

Because of Earth's size, and considering it as one of the smallest planets, it has a weak gravity compared to the OTHER planets. Most planets have greater gravity because of their size. Earth has a stronger gravity compared to mars, mercury, and venus.

Mars is approximately half the size of Earth. The diameter of Mars at the equator is 6,800 kilometers, which is 53 percent of the diameter of Earth.

I'm Not sure, probably Mars or Venus

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto all are.

Just a bit. Venus and earth are the two closest in size of the planets in our solar system. Earth is slightly larger than Venus.

Mercury, Mars, and Venus are all smaller than Earth.

Venus is sometimes called "Earth's twin" or "sister planet" because it is similar in size and density to Earth. Venus is slightly smaller with a diameter of 12,104 kilometers, about 95% of Earth's. Venus and Earth are much larger than Mars and Mercury, and much smaller than the other 4 major planets, which are gas giants.

Yes Mercury (smallest), Mars and Venus (nearly the same size asEarth).

No, in order of size from largest to smallest the planets are:# Jupiter # Saturn # Uranus # Neptune # Earth # Venus # Mars # MercuryNo. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Earth and Venus are all larger than Mars.

Venus is often called Earth's twin because it is of a similar size although Earth would be slightly larger. In order of size, biggest to smallest, the planets of the solar system go thusly: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Pluto if it were still a planet.

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. The order of the nine planets in the solar system is mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto. Mars is smaller than the earth. Venus is about the same size as the earth. Mars is not very tiny like mercury and pluto.


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