What is the smallest animal out of baby snakes or kangaroo?


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baby snakes are the smallest animal in the world.

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a kangaroo baby is the smallest animal baby. it starts out on a journey to it's mother's pouch the size of a grain of rice!!!!!!!!!!!

No a joey is a baby kangaroo

A kangaroo keeps their baby(joey) in its pouch

A mouse is the smallest baby animal as it grows to adulthood it gets a bit bigger then it eventually stops growing

tennesee's smallest animle is the baby raccon,lol

a jaguarjackrabbita jack is a baby kangaroo hope this helps :]

A joey is a baby kangaroo, maybe this is what you need.

Every animal was born as a baby animal... A baby cow-calf A baby kangaroo-joey A baby cat-kitten or kitty A baby dog-puppy A baby horse pony A baby chicken-chick A baby rabbit-bunny

to keep the baby kangaroo safe and warm

a dunnant (marsupial) 17mg at birth. (can anyone find picture of it though?) the honey possum of Australia is the smallest mammal baby at 5 mg.

Joey is the name of a baby kangaroo.

jellyfish, Japaneses crane, joey [baby kangaroo], jaguar by;daryll s. espinosa

When first born, a baby kangaroo (joey) is about the size of a bean.

The mother kangaroo carries her baby (joey) in her pouch.

A Miniature Dachshund can wiegh 7 lbs. Or a new born baby wolf, or a joey (baby kangaroo)

All members of the kangaroo family move with a hopping motion, and the female carries her joey in a pouch. They include:kangaroopotorooquokkawallabywallaroopademelonrat-kangaroo (not kangaroo-rat)

A kangaroo mouse, like the kangaroo rat, is not a member of the kangaroo family (unlike rat-kangaroos, which are different again). There is no special name given to baby kangaroo mice.

Yes, a baby kangaroo is called a joey. A joey is, in fact, the young of any marsupial, whether it be a kangaroo, koala, wallaby, wombat, quoll, possum, etc .

The same way any other species of animal does. Although male snakes have two penises, known as hemi-penes.

baby snakes look-like there parents

The duration of Baby Snakes is 2.77 hours.

It takes 2 years for a Baby Kangaroo to become an Adult.

A neonate is the name used to describe any newborn animal, including a snake.

A kangaroo is viviparous. "Vivi" means alive, as in the baby develops alive inside the parent before birth. "Ovi" means egg. Birds are oviparous because they lay eggs outside their bodies that hatch later. For added fun, "ovoviviparous", which some snakes are, is a kind of animal that keeps the egg inside its body until it hatches.

To raise a kangaroo from baby to adult stage.

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