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I think its called "Dont Stop Believing". I havent seen that clip in years so I could be wrong.

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Why did Stephen f. Austin request land along the coast for his colony?

why did Stephen F. Austin want his colony along the coast

What has the author Stephen Meadows written?

Stephen Meadows has written: 'Along the shingle shore'

Who killed valentin elizalde?

His enemies. He got shot in his SUV along with his friends 118 times. For singing the song called, A Mis Enemigos.

Who wrote Merrily WE Roll Along?

The lyrics and music for Merrily We Roll Along are by Stephen Sondheim.

How did Rihanna get into music?

by listening other music and singing along

How old was Cher Lloyd when she started singing?

She has said she has been singing since she was about 4 years old. Her first memory of singing was singing along to Dolly Parton whilst sitting on the kitchen table.

Does Barack Obama like singing along to Grease?

The president has said many times that he loves music of all kinds, from Motown and oldies to rock to current hits. And he also enjoys singing along to his favorite songs. He has not specifically said he enjoys singing along to "Grease," but since he does like to sing along to songs that he knows, this may certainly be a song he has at one time sung when he heard it on the radio.

What song was in the holiday where Cameron Diaz was singing loudly along to?

god bless America i think because that is the last movie she was singing to that i saw!?!

How can you get your cousin who has an amazing singing voice to sing to the radio in the car without you asking her to?

you should play a song she likes singing to and play it without saying anything and see if she starts singing along.

What rhymes with Beening?

freeing seeing eating singing something along those lines

Can you give some title for a singing contest?

Bird's Song Contest Angel's Voice Contest Sing-along Singing Contest. Lol I really don't know.

How many children did King Stephen have?

Stephen King has 3 children, Naomi Rachel, Joe Hillstrom, and Owen Phillup, along with 3 grandchildren.

What did Jack steal from the giant first?

a magical hen and a singing harp along with a lot of money

What is the song the Chinese guys in the state farm commercial is singing along to?

"Point of no Return" by Kansas.

Would you find a uvula in an orchestra?

Only in the mouths of the vocal soloists, if they were singing along with the orchestra.

Where are the original members of the Truthettes?

the lead singer of the Truthettes along with her sister Tamara are still active members of the group in which they both resides in OKC I think Gayla Butler is in Dallas (I think she is still singing in a group called JAIA, TX & Becky Perry is also in OKC not sure if she is still singing or not.

How do you sing in front of your cousin without getting nervous or embarrased because you have a horrible singing voice and she has an amazing singing voice?

First off you need to have a positive attitude. Don't think about your voice or how nervous you are. Try a few days of singing in front of a mirror or singing along with some of your favorite songs. Sing in front of your siblings (if you have any). You could try singing along with her too, try harmonizing. And remember, it's your cousin, not a crowd, don't be so nervous! Hope this helps, good luck!

How do you get past the beginning of Littlebigplanet?

You just run along and listen to Stephen Fry welcome you to LittleBigPlanet

What is land along the river called?

The land along a river is called a river bank.

Did actors from Gilmore girls get along?

i think they all talked. i know that Lauren graham got along better with david sutcliffe better than Scott Patterson, ironic much?

What was Elvis most famous for?

His singing and unusual style of dancing, along with his good looks and guitar playing.

What are the trumpet notes for ode to joy?

Use your ear to figure it out. Trying singing along then finding the pitches

Breaking of a mineral along irregular surfaces called?

The breaking of a mineral along irregular surfaces is called a fracture. The splitting of a mineral along smooth, flat surfaces is called cleavage.

What song did Gina sing on Martin Lawrence's show when she told the lady to shut up for singing along?

these nutz

What is the name of the song from the movie twister that was playing on the radio and two people were singing along to the song?

Dont knwo

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