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Q: What is the song they play in the amaircan dad episode in the country club?
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What episode does Steve and Stan play paint ball American Dad?

In Country Club

Which country those Dynamo kyiv play soccer?

This club is a Ukrainian club.

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What was the episode haruhi and the host club play hide and seek?

I believe that was the episode where the high school newspaper interviewed OHSHC

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NO because he can win his own club championship at Toronto Country Club.

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Depends on country,club,grade and age

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Manchester United is a club in England.

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Pele played for both club Santos and country was Brazil.

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Real Madrid for club. Portugal for Country

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Barcelona ! my favorite team

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Can any other country player join English club in UK?

Yes, as long as they have a work permit, any player from any country can play for an English club.

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Barcelona is a soccer club in Spain, but technically they do not paly "for" Spain, they just play in Spain.

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They vary from club to club and country to country so it is quite difficult to tell you. Basically they represent who should play from them, e.g one may be championship tees, one may be daily play, one may be ladies and another juveniles. Check with the club you are going to play.

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There are a few ways you could play, either phone the club and see their stance on non members playing. Play with a member, play in an open competition or be invited.

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Nicolas Anelka plays for France. And club football for Chelsea.

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Club teams are much better, because they are not limited to selection. Any player can play for any club; regardless of the country they come from.

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it should be frank ribery becous he play well for the club and his country

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They play basketball in Episode 25 (I just watched that episode too lol :)

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you cant play club penguin on the phone

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In club football it is Real Madrid, and country is Portugal.