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The answer to this question is dependent on;

1 The definition of England.

2 The definition of South West.

To Cornish people the most southwesterly point in England is Plymouth. If you wish to include Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, then the answer would be St. Agnes island.

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The answer to this question is made somewhat more difficult by the fact that there are differing definitions of "British Isles" based on political, historical and geographical viewpoint. The southernmost point of the mainland of Great Britain is the Lizard in Cornwall. The southernmost point of the geographically defined British Isles archipelago is generally accepted to be the Western Rocks, on the Isles of Scilly (also part of Cornwall). However due to their long historical and political attachment to the political entity of England (and latterly the United Kingdom), the answer of Les Minquiers Reef, Jersey, in the Channel Islands is also sometimes given.

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The southernmost point on the mainland is Lizard point in Cornwall at 49.9591 latitude and -5.2151 longitude.

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The Lizard Point is the most southerly point.

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Q: What is the southernmost point of the British Isles?
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What is the distance between the northernmost point in the UK to the southernmost point in the UK?

The distance between the Northernmost point in the United Kingdom to the Southernmost point in the United Kingdom is 650 miles or 965 kilometers. The United Kingdom's British Isles are about the size of the state of Oregon.

What is the southernmost town in the British Isles?

IF you include the Channel Islands - St Hellier on the island of Jersey. If you just mean the UK mainland - Landewednack in Cornwall.

What is the northernmost point of the british mainland?

There are over a 1000 islands included in the British Isles. The most northerly inhabited island is called Unst. But the most northly Island is called Out Stack see the related link below for further details.

Which group of islands form the southernmost part of Britain?

Scilly Isles

Is there a leader of the British Isles?

No, there is no single leader of the British Isles. What is called the British Isles has a number of countries and they each have their own leaders. The British Isles is a geographical reference, not a political one.

What name is given to the combined areas of the United Kingdoms and Ireland?

British Isles

Is Romania one of the British Isles?

No. Romania is a long way from the British Isles. It is in easter n Europe and the British Isles are in western Europe.

What is the most westerly part of the british isles?

The town of Dunquin in Ireland - is the most Westerly point.

What is the smallet country in the British isles?

Ireland is the smallest country in the British Isles

How many cities are there in the British Isles?

There is around severn main cities in the british isles!

Does the UK include the British Isles?

The British Isles often refers to places that are not part of the UK, mainly the Republic of Ireland. So not all of the British Isles are in the UK.

How many continents in the British isles?

The British Isles are all contained within the continent of Europe.