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Q: What is the spark plug wiring sequence for a 1995 Dodge Spirit 4 cylinder 2.5?
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What is the torque spec for 1995 dodge spirit cylinder head bolts and what is the sequence of bolt tightening?

45,65,65 ft lbs then 90 degrees.

Will 1993 Dodge Spirit trunk wiring work on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?

yes 1987-1994 will work

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1994 Dodge Spirit? may help

Where is coil located on 92 dodge spirit 4-cylinder?

It bolts to the same bolts as the thermostat housing.

What is the spark plug wiring order on a 1998 dodge Dakota 6 cylinder?

in what order are the spark plug wires on the distributor cap on a 1998 dodge Dakota 6 cylinder

Will a 2.5l 6 cylinder fit in a 1996 dodge stratus that has a 2.4l 4 cylinder?

It should fit, but the wiring, and computers will be wrong.

Where can you find a free wiring diagram for a 1991 dodge spirit?

AutoZone has most of the diagrams that you will need.

On a 1992 dodge spirit 4 cylinder where is the fuel pump located?

It is in the fuel tank.

How many valves are in a 4 cylinder 1994 dodge spirit sohc motor?


How many miles per gallon does a 4 cylinder 1993 dodge spirit get?


Wiring diagram 96 dodge spirit headlights?

they didn't make Dodge Spirits is 1996 They stopped making them in 1995... how did you get a 96 Model.

Where can you find a wiring color code chart for the sound system on a 1991 Dodge Spirit?


What causes p0203 on a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

Bad injector or injector wiring on cylinder #3.

What is the 1997 dodge neon cylinder sequence?

Starting on the passenger side 1-2-3-4.

Where is the water pump on 1992 6 cylinder Dodge Spirit?

It is inside the engine, driven by the timing belt.

How hard is it to change a 93 dodge Dakota from a 4 cylinder to a 6 cylinder?

You will need to swap the engine, trans, wiring, computer, ac lines, radiator, ...

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 4 cylinder dodge spirit and how do you get to it?

It is in the fuel tank. You have to remove the fuel tank to access.

Will valves bend on a dodge 2.5 when the timing belt breaks on a 1993 spirit?

According to the Gates website , the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine in a 1993 Dodge Spirit is NOT an interference engine , so I would say NO

When was Dodge Spirit created?

Dodge Spirit was created in 1989.

What is wrong with a 95 dodge spirit if the check engine light does not come on during start up the bulb is good?

Wiring or computer

On a 91 dodge spirit 4-cylinder the center wire from distributor goes to what?

the coil which is bolted to the thermostat housing

Can you switch a 4 cylinder engine for a 6 cylinder engine in a 91 dodge shadow?

You could if you had a donor car. The trans, computer, wiring, cooling system, etc... are all different.

What is needed to install a new radio in a 1994 Dodge Spirit and is there a installation kit?

To install a radio you need a wiring harness for a 1994 Dodge (a Metra 80-1817 from Circuit City is what I used), and an installation kit (make sure it fits a 1994 Dodge Spirit). You'll probably need to splice the wires from the wiring harness to the stereo harness unless you can get find the right kind of connection somewhere.

What is the spark plug wiring sequence for a 92 Dodge Dakota V8?

The firing order for all Dodge V8 truck engines is: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.

Can you put a 4 cylinder motor in a 2005 dodge stratus?

If you are wanting to switch from a V6, you will need a different transmission, wiring harness, and computer.