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An equation that involves speed is:speed = frequency x wavelength

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Q: What is the speed equation for waves?
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How waves are similar?

Things that different waves have in common:* There is some disturbance, and that disturbance is propagated (as a wave) through some medium. * Waves have a speed, a wavelength, and a frequency. * These are related by the equation: speed = wavelength x frequency. * Waves transfer energy.

The wave equation says that a waves speed is equal to its times its frequency?

It's wavelength -medina1210

The wave equation says that a waves speed is equal to its wavelength times its what?

frequency for apex learners not speed :)

What is the speed of s waves?

60% speed of p waves

What does speed equation mean?

the equation.. of speed.. you're welcome ^^

Equation for final speed?

final speed = Vf, but there is no equation for it.

Does the equation for calculating the speed of a wave not apply to light waves?

There are several equations relating the speed of a wave to other parameters. Let us call the speed of a wave v. The following equations are true for ALL waves, including (but not limited to) sound waves, water waves, electromagnetic (light) waves, and waves on a string like on a guitar:v = l * fHere l is the wavelength of the wave and f is the frequency. Imagine a bunch of ripples of water, or the graph of the function sin(x). The distance between two peaks in these cases is the wavelength. The frequency of a wave is the number of wavelengths created per unit time. Another equation which describes the speed of a wave is called, appropriately, the wave equation. This equation is a differential equation, which means that it relates a function F to a "rate of change" of itself. For example, the speed of an object is the rate of change in the object's position. See the Wikipedia article describing the wave equation.Now light waves are special kinds of waves because they are the only kind of wave that can propagate through empty space (ignoring quantum mechanical waves). In empty space (vacuum), light ALWAYS travels at the speed of light (really?!), or 180,000 miles per second. This is not true for other kinds of waves (sound waves need to propagate through matter like air or metal, water waves need to propagate through water [SURPRISE], and it doesn't take a genius to realize that waves on guitar strings actually need the strings in order to exist).

Electromagnetic waves have the same?

Electromagnetic waves have the same speed, the speed of light.

The speed of seismic waves depend on the?

The speed of seismic waves depend on the temperature and medium.

Which waves have a lower frequency radar waves or visible light waves?

Radar waves have a lower frequency that light waves.The frequency of a light wave is related to wavelength and speed by the equation c = »½. The color of a light wave is also determined by the frequency. The amplitude and brightness are not related to the frequency.

What is the equation of the speed of a wave?

The equation is: Speed = Frequency x wavelength (v=fλ)

Is the speed of radio waves greater then visible waves?


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