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Q: What is the spook nation theme song called?
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What was the old wwe raw theme song?

The song was called "Accross The Nation" and it was by a band called "Union Underground"... and incase you were wondering the new raw theme is "To Be Loved" by "Papa Roach"

Who sang the Magi Nation theme song?

Magi Nation is sung by Jehan

What is Samoa joe's theme song?

nation of violence

What is MVP's theme song called?

MVP's theme song is called I'm comin.

What is sheamas's theme song called?

Sheamus's theme song is called "Written In My Face".

What is the SpongeBob theme song called?

It's just called the Spongebob Theme Song

What is Tara's theme song called?

Tara's theme song is called broken by dale oliver

What is the name of Maryess theme song?

Her theme song is called "Pourquoi?".

What is Shamus theme song?

His theme song is called "Written In My Face".

What Is The Name Of The Miz's Theme Song?

His theme song is called reality.

What is the theme song of Christiane?

The theme song is called"Just Close Your Eyes".

What is The Avengers theme song?

The theme song for the avengers is called "fight as one."