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Most bathroom countertops are 5-7 feet long.

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Q: What is the standard length for a bathroom counter?
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What is the standard length of bathroom counter with two sinks?

Minimum length--60", preferably 72".

What is standard bathroom counter depth?

22 Inches.

What is a standard bathroom counter?

There is no standard bathroom counter. Bathroom counters come in all shapes and sizes, according to what the client wants

What decorating styles go well with a white bathroom vanity?

We suggest trying to incorporate other white items into the bathroom. Specifically in the counter and using American Standard items. This will guarantee a great looking bathroom.

What is the highest bathroom counter height?

The standard height is between 30" -32". As to your question, cabinets can be custom made to any height. Some vanities have legs, and so you could change the length to whatever you want. In short, there is no restiction, except your ceiling, lol gl

What height should a counter height table be?

A counter table can be any length of width but measures 34 to 36 inches high. A standard height table can be any height or length but measures 28 to 30 inches high.

Which surface will mold grow faster on bathroom floor or kicthen counter?

the kitchen counter

What is standard height of a laboratory counter?

Should be the same as a standard counter height, 36".

Is geiger counter standard or non-standard measurement.?

A geiger counter is a measuring instrument, not a measure.

What is standard of bathroom square feet?

There is no international standard size.

A bathroom had a length of three feet and a total area of 27 feet what is the width of the bathroom?

If a bathroom has a total area of 27 square feet and a length of three feet, the width most be nine.

Standard size of bathroom door?