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The standard size of hanidcaipped parking is usually 15-290 spaces in the u.s. and about 10 spaces in the uk.

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Q: What is the standard size of handicapped parking?
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Can police give you a parking ticket for parking in the handicapped parking on a school campus?

Yes - if you're not displaying a handicapped placard.

What is the standard size of a parking space?

The standard recommended size of a parking space is 8.5 feet wide. However, parking spaces can be anywhere from 7.5 to 9 feet wide.

How much is the fine for parking in a handicapped zone when the tags are handicapped but you are not?

the fine is aproximatly $2,000 why were you in a handicapped parking spot? if you are a repeat offender the fine is something like $10,000

What is a disabled badge holder used for?

The disabled badge holder is used for notifying others that a certain individual is handicapped. This can be used for parking in handicapped parking spots and for benefiting the handicapped.

Is handicapped parking free?


What is the standard size of a parking space in Florida?

9 x 24

Who enforces handicapped parking in Texas condos can my condo eliminated some of the handicapped parking and moved other handicapped spaces?

Review Texas law about handicapped access to condominiums. Your association may be obligated to provide handicap access, but it may not be required to make the parking spaces available at exactly the place you want them. It's a good idea for you -- assuming that you are a handicapped owner -- to work this out with your board of directors.

What is the standard size parking space in Pennsylvania?

The standard size for a parking space in Pennsylvania is typically 9 feet wide by 18 feet long. However, this can vary slightly depending on the specific regulations set by the local municipality or parking lot owner.

What is the standard size of a parallel parking spot in a drivers test?

6" 7'

Can a nurse practitioner sign a handicapped parking permit application?


What are the Rules on handicap parking space?

If you are not handicapped, do not park there. If you are handicapped, you must have a decal on your license plate or a permit hanging from your mirror.

Do liquor bars in Florida need to provide handicap parking?

Any business that provides public parking is required to provide handicapped parking.