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The standard size parking space in Pennsylvania varies in some cases. The compact spaces are 7.5 feet wide while the normal parking space is usually 8.5 feet wide.

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Q: What is the standard size parking space in Pennsylvania?
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What is the standard size of a parking space?

The standard recommended size of a parking space is 8.5 feet wide. However, parking spaces can be anywhere from 7.5 to 9 feet wide.

What is the standard size of a parking space in Florida?

9 x 24

What is the size of a standard car parking space?

2.5m wide and 5.5m long outside of America

What is the Standard Compact parking space size in California?

Usually 8 feet by 18 ft long

How much parking space is needed for one car?

The standard size is 8 1/2 wide by 18ft long.

What is the size of a standard 18 wheel truck parking space?

10 feet wide and 80 feet long---rents for $85 monthly.

What is the standard size of handicapped parking?

The standard size of hanidcaipped parking is usually 15-290 spaces in the u.s. and about 10 spaces in the uk. hope ive answered your question!

What is the parking space size for parallel parking in new jersey?

The parallel parking space is usually 18' by 8' (depending on the county in PA)

What is the Parallel parking space size in Florida?

24 to 26

What is the size of a parallel parking spot in Pennsylvania?

5.7 ft and 1 inch wide xD

What is the standard size of a parallel parking spot in a drivers test?

6" 7'

What is the size of a standard motorcycle parking space?

A typical motorcycle parking space is 4' wide x 9' long. This also fits a standard automobile space which is 9' x 20', and can be divided into five m/c spaces. The longest Harley, the Ultra Classic is 98.6" long, and the 4' width would be a bit snug when resting on the kick stand, but when adjoining another space, the rider could use a portion of it to access the bike. For the bikes with 8 cylinder engines, it would be suggested to use a standard automobile space.