What is the starting salary for an investor?

Please revise your question, if you want the best answer. FAQ Farmers will need to know where you reside and what type of investing you are doing. Generally speaking, investors are commission driven, so the specific employer's terms are very important to give you a specific answer. This should be negotiated if you are planning to accept a new position. According to Salary.com, a "Chief Investor Relations Executive" makes between $78,000 - $255,000. An "Investor Relations Manager" (a much lower, entry-level position) makes between $46,800 - $159,300. Your results will change when you specify your ZIP code. Visit www.Salary.com to see what specific positions pay in your area! An investor does not work for a salary. His income comes from interest or dividends earned by the money he has invested. This money may be invested in real estate, stocks and bonds, commodities, futures contracts, or other financial instruments. The income may vary from negative amounts to millions of dollars, depending on the amount invested and his ability to pick "winners". Most investors' "starting salary" was about 50 cents a year from the $10 Grandma put in a savings account for him.