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What is the state of South Carolina law on right to cure?


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Need to know if South Carolina is a Right to Cure State when it comes to repossession of vehicles.


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Colorado - 20 Iowa - 21 Kansas - 20 Maine - 14 Massachusetts - 21 Missouri -20 Nebraska - 21 South Carolina - 20 West Virgina - 10 Wisconsin - 15

Depends on which state you live in. Most states do not require a Right to Cure letter prior to repossession but a few of the states do.

This site really needs to put a "state" field in the ask a question depends on your state. Some states give a certain amount of time to "cure" the repossession after that time is up, they are free to sell the collateral. Check with your state attorney general's office to find out what that time period is in your state. It is called a "Right to Cure".

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Approximately 25 states have some sort of right to cure law. Go to your states Attorney General's website for information about your states laws. half of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislationhalf of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislationhalf of the states have enacted "right to cure," or "notice andopportunity to repair" legislation.

New York state does not have a right to cure or opportunity to repair law. In New York, a creditor may repossess your vehicle with no prior notice, once you are behind in payments. They must notify you by first class mail within 24-hours of the repossession, and notify the nearest motor vehicle office.

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You can "self help" yourself, but it is better to ask a government official of that state.

Yes, MO does have a right to cure section in their repossession statute. See the below link for further information:

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There are 7 states that require the lender to notify the borrower that the lender is asserting their "right to cure". Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts,South Carolina and West Virginia. Wisconsin requires the lender to obtain a replevin order before the vehicle can be recovered.

It depends on the laws in your state. What state are you in?? The previous answer was right on the money. It all depends on the state. For instance, in AZ, there is a 10 day cure period. If you don't get right with the lender in those 10 days, they can sell the vehicle. It also may depend on your contract that you signed. The state may have no cure period but your contract may say that there is a 15 day period. Check your state laws and your finance agreement.


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The majority of states allow for a repossession as long as there is no "breach of the peace." There are a few states that require a Right to Cure letter being sent out roughly 20 days prior to a repossession. You need to check your state law.

Colorado-20 days Massachusetts--21 days Iowa-- 20 days Kansas-- 20 days Missouri--20 days South Carolina--20 days West Virginia 10 days Wisconsin requires a replevin order be issued by the court.

The right to cure is a written clause in a contract or lease that permits one party to rectify a default that most likely will terminate the agreement or cause financial loss or loss of other rights. The right to cure is usually on a time limit offering a window of opportunity to the holder of the right to fix the default.

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