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What is the statutes of limitaiton on murder is Alabama?

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Alabama has a long list of felonies, including murder, with no set statute of limitations. Only one state has set a statute of limitations on murder. The statute is met once an indictment or warrant is issued, regardless of whether it can be served immediately or not.

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What are the statutes of limitation for murder in England What are the statutes of limitation for murder in America?

They vary according to the jurisdiction. In the US, most jurisdictions do not have a limit for murder.

What is the statute of limitatioins on murder in US?

There are no statutes of limitations on the offense of Murder/Homicide.

What are the statutes of limitations for murder in Kentucky?

There is not a statute of limitations in the United States for murder. They can come get you anytime, anywhere.

What is the sentence for capitol murder?

Most states' statutes provide the death penalty or life imprisonment for capital murder.

What is the statue of limitaiton for aiding and abetting a felon?

The same SOL as if you had actually committed the felony offense.

What is fourth degree murder?

When a murder is committed during a felony, accomplices (who do not directly kill) are charged with fourth degree murder.AnswerThe various degrees of a crime vary from state to state. Check the state's statutes for a definition of 4th degree murder.

How long does the court have to charge you with a crime?

There are different statutes of limitation for different crimes. For example, there is no statute of limitation for murder. So, even if a murder is discovered 50 years after it was committed, the murderer can still be charged with the crime. The statutes of limitation may be different from state to state as well.

What is the minimum sentence for attempted murder on a police officer in Alabama?

In Alabama, attempted murder of a police officer is a first degree felony. The absolute minimum sentence is 5 years and could actually be a life sentence.

What is the statutes of limitation to file a life claim in Alabama?

There is no statute of limitations. Call the claims department and file the claim! 4lifeguild

Is the word murder allowed in school?

It is not against the law to say "murder" in a school-setting, unless used as a threat. Any other specification is based on school policy; not criminal statutes.

How many years is the statute of limitation in Alabama?

There are many statutes of limitations. For many crimes in Alabama, there is no limit. For debts, the limit could be as much as 6 years. And to bring a lawsuit it is typically 2 years.

What are Major Statutes?

What are the Major Statutes What are the Major Statutes

How much time do you get for soliciting to first degree murder?

It is a felony offense and the length of time will vary according the statutes of the state you are being prosecuted in.

What are Wisconsin statutes?

Statutes are laws.https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/prefaces/toc

Can you become emancipated at seventeen if your pregnant in Alabama?

It may be possible for you. The laws vary and many states do not have emancipation statutes. Those that do require the minor to be at least 16.

What is antonym for Statutes?

Statutes does not have an antonym, for it is a noun.

What murder penalties if the suspect plead guilty on court?

Too much is unknown. It depends upon the statutes of your state - your past record - the viciousness of the crime - etc - etc.

When does the time period begin under the statute of limitations in Georgia?

All statutes of limitation begin when the crime is committed. Some crimes do not have limitations, for example murder and treason.

What led to the civil rights movement?

It was a combination of incidents such as the Alabama boycott, but the start is accredited to the trial of the murder of Emmit Till.

What is the punishment for felony murder in Georgia?

According to the Georgia statutes, O.C.G.A s. 16-5-1 (2012), it is death, imprisonment for life without parole, or imprisonment for life.

Is there a statute of limitation for murder in Louisiana?

no here is a link regarding the answer for Louisiana statute of limitations including murders and other things http://research.lawyers.com/Louisiana/Louisiana-Statutes-of-Limitations.html

Statutes of limitations for assault with a deadly weapon in the state of Alabama?

Alabama has a long list of felonies, including felony assault, with no set statute of limitations. For those that do it is set at 3 years. The statute is met once an indictment or warrant is issued, regardless of whether it can be served immediately or not.

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