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The stereo wire coding for 2000 is as follows. LF Speaker(-)= brown/red RF Speaker(-)= dk blue/red LR Speaker(+)= brown/yellow RR Speaker(+)= dk blue/white LF Speaker(+)= dk green RF Speaker(+)= violet LR Speaker(-)= brown/lt blue RR Speaker(-)= dk blue/orange Ground= black Headlamp IN= black/yellow Illumination= orange Fused IGN= red/white (or yellow/red) Fused B(+)= pink (or pink/lt blue) *A couple of notes: When I put new speakers in my 2000 I noticed that some of the speakers used the same colors for the left and right of the car...for instance, the coding above lists the LF speaker as brown/red(-) and dk green(+); the RF speaker is listed as dk blue/red(-) and violet(+) car had brown/red(-) and dk green(+) wires on BOTH the LF and RF speakers. Polarities should be accurate either way, just use the coding listed above for whatever color wiring goes to your speakers. Also, if your car is equipped with tweeters in the dash the wiring for them will match that of the front speaker for the corresponding side of the vehicle. Hope this helps you........

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Q: What is the stereo wire coding for a 2000 dodge neon?
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