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The shark is an very old animal; it has been in the sea for a very long time; it has new teeth constantly; its teeth are a modification of the outer skin of the shark; it is an endangered species because it is good to eat and the oceans are overfished. The reason the oceans are overfished is that governments cant get together and figure out that we all need a working ocean...together. The sharks, all species, are elasmobranchs. That, when you look it up, tells you all about their physical structure.

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What is a great white sharks social structure?

social structure

What is the structure that bony fish have and sharks don't?

sharks don't have skeleton that other bony fish have.

Does whales and sharks and dolphins have the saem homologous structure?


What is the structure that connects the pharynx with the crop in the earthworm?

it has nothing to do with sharks.

What is the job called that you can study sharks?

A marine biologist studies sharks. Elasmobranchology is the study of sharks. Sharks resemble the true fishes in external form, but differ from them so widely in structure that they are placed in a class by themselves.

Are stingrays cartilaginous?

Yes, this is the same body structure category as the sharks.

What structure does bony fish have that sharks don't?

they have bones bony fish,

Why can't sharks turn?

good question.. same with why can't sharks stop moving... and i would guess it has to do with their bone structure of their bodies

Is the pelvis a vestigial structure for a shark?

I don't really sharks have a pelvis, yes they have pelvic fins but i believe its in reference to the area its in. Sharks don't have pelvis because they are fish not mammals.

Why are whale sharks sharks not whales?

1) Whales are mammals and do not have gills, they come to the surface to breathe.2) Whale Sharks have gills and as other sharks receive oxygen through the water.3) Whales sharks have the same cartilaginous skeleton structure as other sharksTthe reason its called WHALE shark is because it is the largest of all the sharks, and as whales are the currently biggest mammals on the earth it only seems appropriate.No. it isn't a reptile.

Are sharks vertebrates?

Yes, but they are different from other vertebrates in that their backbones are made of cartilage, like the rest of their skeletal structure.

What kind of a fish is a hammer head?

The hammerhead sharks are a group of sharks in the family Sphyrnidae, so named for the unusual and distinctive structure of their heads, which are flattened and laterally extended into a "hammer" shape called a "cephalofoil".

What are the similarities and differences between a shark and a whale?

There are many similarities and differences between a shark and a whale. The similarities is that have a similar streamlined body structure but the differences are many including sharks are fish while whales are mammals, sharks have a vertical tail structure while whales have a horizontal one among others.

Can you name 8 types of sharks?

megalodon sharks, great white sharks, frilled sharks, thresher sharks, tiger sharks, sand tiger sharks, lemon sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, basking sharks, lepord sharks,black tip sharks. there is 12.

What sharks are there in Curacao?

Nurse Sharks, Lemon sharks and Hammerhead Sharks

What is the collective noun for sharks?

Collective nouns for sharks are:a school of sharksa shiver of sharksa shoal of sharks

What has the author Tina Anton written?

Tina Anton has written: 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Sharks 'Sharks, Sharks, Sharks (Real Reading)'

Do sharks eat starfish?

There are three species of sharks known to eat starfish. These sharks are the Nurse sharks, Horn sharks and Port Jackson sharks.

What sharks are in the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic includes Hammerhead sharks, Great White sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks.

Why do sharks have eyelids?

Sharks have eyelids so female sharks can wink at male sharks.

What sharks have a urinary tract?

Mako sharks, thresher sharks and Great white sharks

What are baby sharks?

baby sharks are called pupsbaby sharks are baby sharks

Are all sharks bigger than orcas?

no! orcas are larger than most sharks some sharks are bigger like great white sharks,basking sharks,whale sharks and megamouth sharks

What shark lives in really deep water?

Goblin sharks, megamouth sharks, bluntnose sixgill sharks, boardnose sevengill sharks, cook sharks, and sandbar sharks.

What is the size of a female shark?

There are around 440 different species of sharks in the world (great white sharks, carpet sharks, hammerheads, whale sharks, tiger sharks, blue sharks, mako sharks, lemon sharks, angel sharks, thresher sharks, megamouth sharks, zebra sharks, nurse sharks, basking sharks, and bull sharks, just to name a few). And they all grow to different sizes. So, unless you specify what kind of shark(s) you're talking about, this question is far too general to be answered. See the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry for sharks.

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