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Q: What is the strum pattern for 'Every Time You Touch' on the ukulele?
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What is the strum pattern for 'Big City Dreams' on the ukulele?

The verses are just down strokes. The chorus is dduudu

What ways do you play the ukulele?

Strum chordsFinger pick individual stringsArpeggio

What kind of instrument are string?

guitar, sitar, violin, bass, banjo, cello, ukulele, steel strum guitar, and classical strum guitar, harp, piano

Do you strum over the hole on an ukulele?

Not normally. The typical ukulele player is going to strum between the neck and the sound hole. With the instrument sort of 'pinched' between the forearm and side of your body, you'll find that your hand sort of naturally falls in the area.

Strum pattern for hey there dellilah?

no strum pattern. you use finger picking

What is the strum pattern for Taylor Swift's ukulele version of Fearless?

For sheet music, go to the 8notes website, or OnlineSheetMusic and search 'Fearless Taylor Swift'. If this fails, you can search YouTube for a tutorial video.

Why doesn't a trumpet sound like an ukulele?

Because you blow with one and you strum the strings on the other. The reverberations of the metal makes the sound in the horn while it is the wood resonating to the strings that makes the sound for the ukulele.

How do you play a song on an ukulele?

Simple play the correct notes or chords for the song. A simple chord chart will provide you with the correct chords to strum.

What is the strum pattern for Jason Mraz's Lucky?

It is a DD, UU, DU strum pattern. There are a couple of pretty detailed instructional videos on YouTube as well.

Strumming pattern for you and me by lifehouse?

The strum pattern for playing "You and Me", by Lifehouse is to emphasize the first down strum for a better sound.Down Down Up Down Up.Repeat.

What is the strum pattern for Justin Bieber's mistletoe?


What is the strum pattern for stuck like glue by suger land?

down down up down down down up its a 4-4 strum pattern try it..