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The subphylum of the African elephant is vertebrata


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What is aelephant seals subphylum

The taxonomy of the African Elephant:Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataSubphylum: VertebrataClass: MammaliaInfraclass: EutheriaOrder: ProboscideaFamily: ElephantidaeGenus: Loxodonta

Indian elephant is not as big as African elephant. Indian elephant has smaller teeth than African elephant.

All elephants are in Family: Elephantidae.However, a "scientific name" is the genus and species.African Bush Elephants, African Forest Elephants and Asian Elephants each have their own scientific names. Even the extinct North African Elephant has a scientific name.Kingdom: AnimalPhylum: ChordateSubphylum: VertebrateClass: MammalOrder: ProboscideaFamily: Elephantidae- African Bush Elephant - Loxodonta africana- African Forest Elephant - Loxodonta cyclotis- Asian Elephant - Elephas maximus- North African Elephant - Loxodonta africana pharaohensis *extinct*

Another African elephant?

The African elephant is the larger of the two species.

The Indian elephant has two humps on the head and the African elephant has one. The African elephant is a lot larger than the Indian elephant

there are 3,African elephant, Asian elephant,and African forest.

no the african elephant has bigger ears

It always was the African Elephant

An African elephant is either of two species of elephant found in Africa.

The African elephant is bigger. It has bigger ears.

There are three species of elephant, the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant and the Asian elephant . The biggest noticeable difference is that African elephants have much bigger ears than there Indian counterparts.

The African elephant has the biggest ears!The type of elephant with the biggest name has the biggest ears, the African elephant (not the Asian elephant). That's how I remember.

An African elephant can be from 1ft to19ft.

An Indian elephant has smaller ears than an African elephant.

The African bush elephant is bigger than an Asian elephant.

There are 3 elephant species in the genus loxodonta(African Elephant): African Elephant, African Bush Elephant, and African Forest ElephantThere is only 1 elephant species in the genus Elephas maximus (Asian Elephant), but it can be divided into 4 sub-species.

The African bush elephant is noticeably taller than an Asian elephant.

African elephant ear is bigger than the Asian elephant.

An African Savannah elephant is one of the two species of African elephant, Latin name Loxodonta africana.

An African forest elephant is one of the two species of African elephant, Latin name Loxodonta cyclotis.

The Asian elephant and African elephant are not related in anyway. The Asian elephant is actually more closely related to the extinct mammoth than to the African elephant.

no animals are enemies to the african elephant

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