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Although there are no solid statistics about this, it's safe to say that the success rate is embarrassingly low (at least when it comes to learning a language for recreational purposes).

While it's true that most high schools in the U.S. require that their students study a foreign language for 1-2 years, this only teaches them rudimentary grammar and some basic vocabulary (more or less what one would learn from reading a foreign-language phrase book). If they really want to learn to learn a second language, they have no choice but to study the language on their own.

This task takes a hefty amount of time (ranging anywhere from a year to a decade, depending on the language and the desired level of proficiency) and requires plenty of dedication. Unfortunately, attempting to learn a new language is often akin to making a New Year's resolution - it may seem exciting at first, but most people give up within a month after realizing how much work it entails. There are a scant few that do master a second language in high school, but these are the exception rather than the rule.

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Q: What is the success rate for learning a second language in high school?
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