What is the summary of the story of azucena by carlos siguion reyna?

A schoolgirl whose mother died several years earlier, Lily (Alessandra de Rossi) counts her aging dog, Bagwis, as her best friend. Unfortunately, Bagwis' advanced years have brought with them a number of maladies, all of which add to the already considerable tension between Lily and her seemingly evil stepmother, Sonia (Glydel Mercado). One day Lily comes home to discover that her beloved dog is missing, and is subsequently informed by her callous father, Tomas (Ricky Davao), that Bagwis has been sold to the local dog-meat butcher; even worse, Bagwis will be the entree on Tomas' birthday menu. An outraged Lily confronts the butcher, Mr. Teban (Dante Rivero), and the kindly old man returns Bagwis the next day. Lily soon develops a friendship with Mr. Teban, who provides moral support when the girl eventually decides to put her ailing dog to sleep. Unfortunately, Bagwis is the least of Lily's problems: her cretinous father has taken to molesting her, and also enjoys slapping around the pregnant Sonia. When Mr. Teban catches wind of Tomas' loathsome behavior, he bands together with Lily and Sonia to ensure that the putrid patriarch gets his just desserts.