What is the symbol for electric flux?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What is the symbol for electric flux?
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What is the name of a symbol of electric flux?


What is maximum and minimum electric flux?

As we know that electric flux is the total number of electric lines of forces passing through a surface. Maximum Flux: Electric flux through a surface will be maximum when electric lines of forces are perpendicular to the surface. Minimum flux: Electric flux through a surface will be minimum or zero when electric lines of forces are parallel to the surface.

What are the two main types of flux?

Types of flux - Electric and Magnetic Flux. Electric field flux through a closed surface is equal to the change enclosed in the surface, or the rate of change of magnetic flux is equal to the induced voltage around the surface.

What is the unit of electric flux?

The unit of electric flux is Volt-meter or Newton-meter^2 Coulomb^-1.

What is the difference between infinite electric flux and finite electric flux?

the difference between lightning and a single cell battery

Is electric flux density scalar or vector?


When electric flux is zero then electric field is also zero why?

The electric flux depends on charge, when the charge is zero the flux is zero. The electric field depends also on the charge. Thus when the electric flux is zero , the electric field is also zero for the same reason, zero charge. Phi= integral E.dA= integral zcDdA = zcQ Phi is zcQ and depends on charge Q, as does E.

What is the Si Unit of luminous flux?

Luminous flux is measured in lumens (symbol: lm).

What represent the surface integral of electric field intensity?

Electric flux.

What is reluctance and what is its symbol?

Reluctance is the opposition offered by a magnetic circuit to the formation of magnetic flux. The symbol for reluctance is R or Rm. Reluctance is measured in amperes per weber (A/Wb). Reluctance is equivalent to resistance in an electric circuit.

What is flux density related to?

In case of electrostatics, flux density = electric field intensity and in case of magnetism, flux density = magnetic field induction

What do you mean by electric flux in electrostatics?

Under an electric field, magnitude and direction of electric intensity is different in every point.If the electric intensity can be defined through a closed line (direction of electric intensity will be along the tangent of any point of that line)this is called electric lines of force. Electric lines of forces passing through an closed electric surface perpendicularly, is called electric flux.