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The symbol of Hinduism is "Aum"

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What rhymes with Hiduism?

Yogi B

Hiduism and Buddhism have a common belief in what?


When did hiduism start?

boobies r sexy

Where did hiduism begin?

Not where,when? It never begin it is eternal.

What is the hiduism house of worship called?

a temple

What religion was devoloped in ancient India?


What is a Dukkha mean in hiduism?

its monadipa nath

What ideas did Siddhartha Gautama take from Hiduism?

to get money

How many hindus believe in hiduism?

Up to 1,000,000,000 people.

When was hiduism founded?

Hinduism had no founder so it was not founded. It has always existed.

What is the holy book of hiduism?

what is the holy book of hinduism

What is the name for the opposite sex soul of a person in Hiduism?

god and bad deeds

What are the religions commonly practiced?

Answer Islam, Christianity (RC & Non-RC), Buddhism and Hiduism

What does the swastika mean?

white power (original answer)(real answer) The swastika is the oldest symbol in the world, dating back 5000 years. it is a symbol for pretty much anything positive, love, friendship, compassion, peace, good fortune, so on. Sadly there was the nazi regime which twisted the meaning but hopefully the world can forget about 6 years of a symbol that has been used for 5000 yearswell I don't know what swatsik means but I think you must have made an error in the spelling. SWASTIK is a religious symbol in hiduism

Are both Hinduism and Buddhism considered as mythological religions?

Hiduism and Buddhism are considered as belief systems with human scriptures.

Is there a heaven or hell in Hinduism?

Heaven is called swarga loka in hiduism. While hell is called Narka loka.

Is hiduism a peacful religion?

Yes, it is extremely peaceful. It is full of meditation, which is a form of relaxation. Meditation was actually founded in Hinduism!

What holy or religious texts were included in the religion of hiduism?

Rig,Yajur,Sama and Adharvana are the four Holy books of Hinduism.

Who set Sikhism up?

The first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, started Sikhism by combinind Hiduism and Islam.

What is polotheism?

polotheism is when you believe in more than one god in a religion. E.G. Hiduism is a polothiest religion as they have a god that take many forms.

Where did Sikhism religion start?

It was seen is Hiduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity...the first major religions developed. I believe it was first seen in Hinduism.

What is the most popular god in hiduism?

There are several popular Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism. But Lord Krishna is most popular who is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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What is the basic philosophy of Hinduism?

All religions make up one religion. In Hinduism it iteaches that all religions combined together make Hiduism.

What is the population of Hiduism in the world?

Around 15-16.24 per cent of the total. They are only found in India and Few in Nepal from where they migrate to other countries.

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