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There are many symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly. Here are some of them:

  1. long life (Madarin Chinese)
  2. young men in love (Madarin Chinese)
  3. young maidens and marrital bliss (Japan)
  4. witches trying to steal cream (Germany)
  5. souls of those who have passed away (Ancient Greeks, some Russians, Mexico)
  6. sould of those who are waiting to pass through Pergatory (Irish)
  7. freedom, fun and joyous times (western world)

Butterflies also symbolize rebirth, new beginning, resurrection, transition, celebration, lightness, time, rebirth after death, etc.

More about the symbolic meaning of butterfly:

The Mandarin Chinese word for butterfly is "hu-tieh". "Tieh" means "70 years", therefore butterflies have become a symbol for a long life. In this culture butterflies have also become representative of young men in love.

In the Japanese culture butterflies are thought to be representative of young maidens and marital bliss. Many Japanese families use the butterfly in the family crest design.

Germany has a very unique belief about butterflies. As butterflies can often be found hovering about milk pails or butter churns, they have become associated with witches trying to steal the cream. The German word for butterfly is "Schmetterling", which is actually derived for the Czech word "Smetana" which means "cream".

There are many links with butterflies in mythology from all over the world, many of which, in particular Greek mythology, link butterflies to the human soul. The Ancient Greeks also considered butterflies as the souls of those who had passed away.

In ancient Greek the word for butterfly is "Psyche", which translated means "soul". This was also the name for Eros' human lover and when the two figures are depicted they are often surrounded by butterflies.

In one of the Russian dialects, butterflies are referred to as "dushuchka" which is a derivative of the word "dusha" also meaning soul.

There is also an Irish saying that refers to the symbolic meaning of butterflies. This saying is: "Butterflies are souls of the dead waiting to pass through purgatory" Butterflies also symbolize: Resurrection, Transition, Celebration, Lightness, Time, Soul. There is a small town in Mexico that also associate butterflies with souls. It is to this town that Monarch Butterflies migrate every year, around the holiday known as the Day of the Dead. The people of this town see these butterflies as the returning souls of the deceased.

We are all small and appear to be the same (like the caterpillar), but as we grow older our true beauty shows (like the butterfly). Like a butterfly, we are all different, and beautiful in our own way. In the Christian religion, the metamorphosis a butterfly undergoes is symbolic of the spiritual evolution all Christians go through. Butterflies represent rebirth and a new beginning. For Christians, it is considered a soulful symbol. In ancient mythology, the butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge.

Butterflies symbolizes change.

First of all the butterfly symbolizes new life from and old one. Seeing that the color black is a strong yet subtle color, the black butterfly symbolizes the new strong but subtle life after a period of transformation.

In some cultures the butterfly is also considered to bring luck.

By a well established convention in literature and art, butterflies (usually) symbolize transitoriness, as they don't live long.

The butterfly exists in four distinct forms. Some consider that so do we: The fertilized egg is planted in our mother's womb. From our day of birth we are like the caterpillar which can only eat and creep along. At death we are like the dormant pupa in its chrysalis. After that, our consciousness emerges from the cast off body, and some see in this the emergence of the butterfly. Therefore, the butterfly is symbolic of rebirth after death.

There is a Native American legend that says, " If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish to the Great Spirit, who alone knows the thoughts of butterflies. By setting the butterfly free, you are helping to restore the balance of nature, and your wish will surely be granted."

The butterfly is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises. Change and transformation are inevitable for us all, but it does not have to be traumatic. Butterfly symbolism is also closely tied to the idea of spirits and souls. It has been used in many religions and cultures. In the western world, the symbol of the butterfly stands for freedom, fun and joyous times. It is also symbolises a state of naturalness and purity.

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What is the symbolic meaning of a purple butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a purple butterfly is not exact. There are a few different meanings like peace and faith.

What is the symbolic meaning of a brown butterfly?

Butterflies are symbols of transformation or rebirth. A brown butterfly symbolizes the resurrection or important news. The symbolic meaning of a butterfly can vary by culture.

What is the symbolic meaning of a swallow tail butterfly?

There are a variety of theories about the symbolic meaning of a swallow tail butterfly. Some of these include diversity, adventure, as well as resurrection.

What is the symbolic meaning of the black and blue butterfly?

The meanings of butterflies vary from culture to culture. The most common symbolic meaning for a blue and black butterfly is rebirth, or resurrection.

Symbolic meaning of orange butterfly?

What does the meaning of orange buttfly sit on your finger

What is the symbolic meaning of big brown butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a big brown butterfly is wealth, money, and fortune. It could mean good things are coming the way of the person who sees it.

What is the symbolic meaning of a white butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a white butterfly varies from one place to another. For instance in Japan it is a symbol of a soul of a departed person while in China it represents immortality.

Symbolic meaning of white butterfly?

Traditionally a butterfly means personal transformation and white means pure or purity.

What is the symbolic meaning of the papilio Ulysses butterfly?

There are 2 known popular symbolic meanings of the Papilio Ulysses butterfly. It is the symbol of Australia's Northern Territory and it can be used as a symbol of tourism.

What is the symbolic meaning of a monarch butterfly landing on you?

Many believe the symbolic meaning of a monarch butterfly landing on you means a loved one that has passed away is visiting you. They sometimes land on peoples heads, hands, or even stomachs.

What is the symbolic meaning of a rainbow butterfly?

fourth of July rainbow butterfliesa rainbow butterfly means beauty of all nature.

Symbolic meaning of yellow butterfly?

it means you don't have to worry. Everything is going to be alright.

What is the symbolic meaning of a red butterfly?

Love, life, beauty, simple wonderous existinces

What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly tattoo on the leg?

that you intend on becoming a priest hope this has helped!

What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly with open wings?

To some a butterfly with open wings symbolizes outer beauty, while a butterfly with closed wings symbolizes inner beauty.

What is the symbolic meaning of the blue butterfly?

Transmutation and the Dance of Joy. Metamorphosis, symbol of change, joy, and color. the blue butterfly is a wish-granter or malicious spirit

What is the symbolic meaning of pink butterfly?

Butterflies symbolize transformation and joy. The color pink symbolizes softness and femininity. A pink butterfly symbolizes all of these things.

What is the symbolic meaning of small brown butterfly?

In some religions and areas, a small brown butterfly symbolizes the resurrection. Butterflies are a symbol of new life, new beginnings.

What is the symbolic meaning of a black and red butterfly?

Butterfly represents the Soul or immortality.Black: Feminine principleRed: Active principleBlack/Red Butterfly could mean the transcendence of opposites that is the Self.

What is the meaning of a pink butterfly?

Pink butterflies in dreams are symbolic of transformation of affection or happiness. Butterflies are a sign of change in our lives.

What is the symbolic meaning of white admiral butterfly?

It depends on where you live, in Louisiana it is a symbol of both good and bad luck if a white butterfly flies into your house, but in Maryland it is an omen of death.

What is the symbolic meaning of spider?

What is the symbolic meaning of a spider

What is the symbolic meaning of a green butterfly?

Butterfly is taken as a symbol of transformation in many cultures. People relate its stages of life cycle to their own. A green color butterfly is associated with "energies" i-e love , power , change.

What is the meaning of the Morpho Butterfly sitting on your hand?

In some cultures it is believed that a Morpho Butterfly sitting on a hand of a person is a sign of hope. Other cultures believe it is a good friend of the past visiting with their loved one. Different cultures have different beliefs about the symbolic meaning of the butterfly sitting on a hand.

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