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Back in the 40s a rose on shoulder was called a 'tramp stamp' indicating that the woman was a prostitute.

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Q: What is the symbolism of a tattooed rose on the shoulder?
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What tattoo means inner power?

Some say the dragon. Some say a lion. There is not one symbol that means inner power. You could always have the words "inner power" tattooed on your in another language or symbolism. Or get something YOU feel represents inner power and have that tattooed on. That way YOU can tell people what it means. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

What does a bee tattooed on the shoulder mean?

There is no set meaning for this tattoo.

A sentence with the word intricate?

She had an intricate design tattooed on her shoulder.

How old is Gordon Whistance?

He has 1968 tattooed on his shoulder. It is the year of his birth.

What has the author Henry Rose written?

Henry Rose has written: 'Maeterlinck's symbolism' -- subject- s -: Accessible book 'On Maeterlinck: or Notes on the study of symbols' -- subject- s -: Symbolism, Symbolism in literature

What symbolism is there in a retrieved reformation?

the symbolism is when Jimmy asks Annabel to give him the rose that she is wearing.

Will you get sued if you have the Muir clan motto tattooed?

I think its okay. I am a Muir (moore) and im am having (By patience I break what is hard) Tattooed on my shoulder blade.

What does tattooed stars on each shoulder blade symbolize?

If they are on each shoulder, between the trap and delt and not filled in, you may be looking at a shemale

Does Faith Hill have a tattoo?

No, however her husband, Tim McGraw, has her name tattooed on his left shoulder.

Is a red rose a symbolism?

A red rose symbolist love, beauty, passion, and the spikes on the rose means that love can be painful.

What are some literary devices in 'A Rose for Emily'?

the literary devices in a rose for Emily are symbolism, imagery , and allegory.

Is Lin Dan a christian?

No he is not. He is an atheist. He has a cross tattooed on his left shoulder to honor his old grandmother who believes in Christianity.

Where is the rose tattoo on Miranda Cosgrove?

on her shoulder

What does using a rose to represent something in the poet's inner world be an example of?


What is the symbolism of the red rose by the prison door in The Scarlet Letter?

the symbolism of the red rose bush outside the prison is that it is the last hope and the last beautiful thing the prisoners will se before they are sent to a depressing state of mind. later in the book you will find that the rose is representing Pearl.

What is an example of symbolism in a poem?

William Bakes's "The Sick Rose" is an example of symbolism, in a poem. The sickness, symbolically, is some form of sexually-transmitted disease. Like many poems, however, this is is ambiguous: the symbolism can be debated.

Symbolism of one red rose?

The Victorian Language of Flowers interprets a single rose of any colour as Love, a red rose as bashful shame and a red rose bud as pure & lovely

What if An author wanted to use a rose to stand for the idea of beauty you'd be using?


If you were an author and wanted to use a rose to stand for the idea of beauty youd be using?


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What has the author Edward Joseph Rose written?

Edward Joseph Rose has written: 'Mental forms creating' -- subject(s): Symbolism in literature

What religion is derrick rose?

Christion, he has a tatto of a cross on his shoulder

What does a gang drawing of a rose symbolize?

In the prison culture, tattooing carries specific symbolism. A tattoo of a rose indicates that the bearer came of age in prison.

Do keyshia cole have basketball player danial boobie Gibson name tattooed on her?

yes she do it is on her shoulder and it says TRULY BLESSED then under that it has D. GIBSON.

How old is Michael de Santa in GTA 5?

He's 48 - his birth date of 1965 is tattooed on Trevor's shoulder, and the game is set in 2013.