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What is the symbolism of the butterfly?


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Butterflies can be symbols of hope, beauty, and new life. A butterfly begins as a caterpillar, small, helpless, and typically ugly. When it comes out of the cocoon, it has been transformed into a beautiful butterfly, a creature capable of spreading its wings and soaring towards the sky. The world looks pretty pitiful from the standpoint of a caterpillar, but before long its life will have a much different, more hopeful outlook.


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The symbolism of a blue butterfly tattoo usually relates to joy. It also can relate to a change of luck or a fresh start.

The symbolism of a pink butterfly is to not take things too seriously in life. They appear to dance all the time and that is why this symbolism was put into place.

The Butterfly is a resurrection or (Life after Death) symbol, Anastasia take note.

Symbolism of a butterfly themed wedding means a lot. It was said back in the old days that butterflies were symbolic of transformation.

The Red Admiral butterfly can symbolize love, life, and beauty. The Red Admiral is native to the country of New Zealand.

There are a variety of interpretations about the symbolism of a butterfly flying around you. These include new beginnings, transition, and celebration.

Butterflies are known for the major changes in their lifetime. The Monarch Butterfly to some people have a spiritual meaning representing rebirth. Some people also see the butterfly as symbolism for hope.

This is a common form of Symbolism showing death or loss of a memory.

The symbolism associated with black and gold butterflies varies from culture to culture. Generally, people associate butterflies with change and transformation. Additionally, seeing butterflies is believed to be good luck.

Butterflies are associated with happiness and transformation. Many people feel that seeing a butterfly of any color, including yellow, means a loved one who has passed away recently is letting them know they are ok. Butterfly meanings are more of a mystical symbolism instead of scientific.

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You are probably wearing bright colors that are attractive to butterflies looking for flowers. As for symbolism, each culture has its own omens concerning the butterfly.

Many people believe different species of butterflies have different symbolism. The monarch butterfly is said to be symbolic of new life or rebirth.

The symbolism of dragonflies is freedom.

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when my uncle died, we got a poem at the wake that explained he was like a blue butterfly that flew into the beautiful blue sky and became one with it. and although we could no longer see him, that didn't mean he was no longer with us... i took this symbolism pretty seriously and am getting a tattoo of a blue butterfly with the words "although i can't see you... that doesn't mean you're not here".

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