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There isn't one. In fairly recent elections that there has come to be an expectation that presidential candidates will do this, but it's not legally required.


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It is more of a custom that all US Presidential Candidates disclose their tax returns. There is no written policy or requirement dictating that they must do so, but it goes a long way towards making them more trustworthy and transparency can gain many votes in the long run.

Not on your federal 1040 income tax return.

In the 2008 presidential election, the republican candidate John McCain, the democratic candidate Barack Obama, and the democratic running mate Joe Biden were all U.S. Senators. They each released tax returns indicating that they do, in fact, pay taxes on their senate salaries.

You're probably thinking of Mike Huckabee, he is for a flat tax on purchases. This would do away with income tax. Here is a link with more tax info:

No, there is no requirement to have filed your tax returns in order to open an IRA.

There is never an unnecessary disclosure of health info, if you will try to prevent it then you will not get the tax benefits, insurance utilizations and leaves from your organization.

The only successful Prohibition Party candidate in the 21st century has been the tax assessor of Thompson Township in Pennsylvania.

The IRS is encouraging taxpayers who have not filed tax returns, not reported all of their income on their tax returns and/or have taken frivolous tax deductions to participate in this Limited Time Voluntary Disclosure Program.It state that one must initiate participation in the Voluntary Disclosure Program before the IRS finds it out. This will allow one to avoid criminal prosecution and the assessment of significant IRS penalties.

Political contribution are never tax deductible no matter who the contributions are made to and for which political party.

The Ways and Means Committee decides whether to go along with presidential requests for tax cuts or increases it also makes the rules and regulations that determine who will pay how much tax (:

No they can't. Although the Channel Islands are part of the UK - they are entirely self-governing, and cannot be forced to change their tax laws.

There is no law that requires any person to release their tax returns. The tax returns are private information protected by privacy laws.

the professional tax is not to be intered in ITR-1 only net income from salary (After deductiong Professional Tax) to be entered in Item No.1 as it will be enclosed by the Form No.16 isssued by the employer mentioning the Professional Tax Amount and will be a sufficient disclosure

i think about 60 million of tax payers money

It is true that the Presidential election of 2004, Bush stressed jobs and a middle-class tax cut. President Bush stood by his tax-cut policy as the correct measure to get the economy growing.

VAT will have only four rates instead of large number of rats of Sales Tax, with off setting of tax on inputs against that on output; VAT does away with tax on tax. Claiming input tax credit under VAT ensures proper invoicing. Overall, these features of VAT encourage disclosure of complete information on business turnover.

Tax filing is governed by tax laws not common law.Tax filing is governed by tax laws not common law.Tax filing is governed by tax laws not common law.Tax filing is governed by tax laws not common law.

Decides whether to go along with presidential requests for tax reductions or increases

Decides whether to go along with presidential requests for tax cuts or increases

Most but not all people need to file federal income tax forms. If you do not meet the minimum income requirement, then you do not have to file for federal income tax.

Technically, for full GAAP projected statements, it should be. Although you can very easily omit the tax disclosure from the statements as long as it is included to some extent in the footnotes, or mentioned in the compilation report.

Yes try talking to the tax office 520 Oak St, Palo Pinto, TX�?? - (940) 659-1270�??

Yes. The secret service is allotted a budget for protecting major presidential candidates from public (tax payer) funds.

Yes you do as long as you are still breathing and receiving any kind of worldwide gross income and meet the must file a income tax return requirement you will have to file a 1040 tax form and pay any income tax that may be be due on your taxable income each year. Age is NOT one of the requirement of when someone must file a tax return.

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