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well basically the temperature in fresh water can be any

It depends on the what the climate or weater is

there is specifc answer to this I just cant remember it

but for futher help try googleing it

or try and go to the national geographic website that always helps like a question for this

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Q: What is the temperature in freshwater?
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As the air temperature decreases which will begin to freeze first a freshwater marsh or a saltwater marsh?

A freshwater marsh

What is the temperature range of freshwater?

I think its about 20F to about 60F.

Is water in the freshwater biome frozen?

NO it's not because of the temperature in that are

What is the average annual temperature for a freshwater biome?

55.875 degrees F

Temperature of freshwater marsh?

In a freshwater marsh, the type of weather can vary depending on the specific location and season of this biome. For example, freshwater marshes or wetlands found in Florida, the tropic zone, and the Arabian Peninsula can have different temperature ranges. However, in summer months, the average temperature in this biome type can vary between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, the average temperature range can be between 35 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Freshwater marshes also have wet seasons.

What is an abiotic factor that affects a freshwater ecosystem?

The amount of light.APEX

What is the typical limiting factor in streams lake and freshwater environment?

Factors that limit aquatic life are - Temperature - Access to sunlight - Dissolved oxygen concentrations - Availability of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus

Where does a moray eel live?

Moray eels live in kelp forests in warm temperature or lakes full of water grasses like thick freshwater algae forests. For some of you asking do moray eels live in freshwater? Yes they do. Freshwater moray eels.

Are guppies coldwater fish?

No; guppies are tropical freshwater fish and should be kept at a temperature of 77-82F.

Why the sea water boil at a slightly higher temperature than water from from a freshwater lake?

The salt acts as a catalyst which prevents the water from boiling at the lower temperature.

What temperature is a goldfishes tank ment to be?

I've had many freshwater fish and room temperature seems to work. with tropical fish you may need a heater but not with goldfish.

Why is the temperature needed to freeze ocean water lower than the temperature need to freeze the surface of a freshwater lake?

because the ocean has salt in it rather than freshwater lake Because fresh water on the surface of a lake is frozen. Under similar conditions, salt water is not frozen.