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Q: What is the term for when you superimpose a question mark on an exclamation mark together?
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Can you put a question mark and an exclamation mark together. example too please.?

Are you kidding me?!

Do you need question mark or exclamation mark?

If you are asking a question, you need a question mark. If you are making an exclamation, you need an exclamation point. "Is this a question?" "Of course it is!"

Which goes first question mark or exlamation point?

Normally, you would not use both a question mark and an exclamation point in the same sentence. If a sentence is interrogative, it is not an exclamation. An interrogative sentence ends in a question mark, and an exclamation ends in an exclamation point.

How amazing needs a question mark or not?

How amazing! As it is not a question, an exclamation (!) would be used.How are you? Is a question, a question mark (?) would be used.

When using an exclamation mark in a question do you end the sentence with the exclamation mark first or the question mark first?

Your question actually points the way to the answer. If the sentence is a question, it should end with a question mark. When you include an exclamation within a question, you also include the exclamation point within the full stop of the sentence.

Can exclamation marks be followed by question mark?

Yes, it is possible for an exclamation mark to be followed by a question mark in the same sentence, but it certainly depends on the context. The exclamation would have to form part of the question.

Can you combine an exclamation mark and a question mark?

Yes you can do this.

Is question mark and exclamation point considered a full stop?

Yes, a period is not necessary alongside an question mark or exclamation point.

Do exclamation marks go before or after a question mark?

They are commonly placed after the question mark.

What is the purpose of a question mark?

A question mark distinguishes a sentence from a statement, a command, or an exclamation.

Where did exclamation marks and questions marks get their names from?

Question mark is thought to originate from the Latin quaestiō meaning question. Exclamation mark is also thought to originate from the Latin exclamation of "joy".

Does exclamation mark appear after ''Excuse me?

You can use an exclamation mark or a question mark depending on the inflection. "Excuse me!" or "Excuse me?" are both valid usages.

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