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FDR went on the radio to talk to Americans at home. These were called the "Fire Side Chats". He spoke as if he was sitting in their home, talking by the fireplace. The fire Side Chat discussion held by FDR to the America Public was given on January 6, 1941

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Q: What is the term used for the discussions held by Franklin D. Roosevelt to the American public?
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Which technique did Franklin Roosevelt use to keep the American public informed?

informal speeches or fireside chats on the radio

Called for a massive public works program the New Deal to try and stimulate the American economy out of the Great Depression?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

What president make thanksgiving a public holiday?

Franklin d Roosevelt

When did Franklin D. Roosevelt re-enter public office?


What was unique about President Franklin D Roosevelt and how was it handled in public?

he had a wheelchair

What did president Franklin Roosevelt attem to do in 1933?

calm the fears of the public.

Why was Franklin Roosevelt never seen in public with his wheelchair?

because he needed one

Why did Franklin D. Roosevelt run for a third term in 1940?

Because the US was at war and changing Presidents during this time may have upset the trust of the American public.

Upon inaugurations in 1933 president Franklin Roosevelt attempted to?

Claim the fears of the public

What did President Franklin Roosevelt attempt to do upon inauguration in 1933?

Calm the fears of the public

Did Theordore Roosevelt have polio?

No, you are thinking of Franklin D. Roosevelt! Although throughout his whole presidency he kept it a major secret from the public.

How did Eleanor Roosevelt change the role of the First Lady during Franklin D. Roosevelt's time in office?

She took an active role in public policy issues

Who was the first president to rely on public opinion polls and to use radio as a form of mass communication with the public was?

Franklin D Roosevelt

1 How many times was Franklin D. Roosevelt elected to public office?

Four Times

What was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's position on municipal employee unions?

"The process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service," Roosevelt

How did Franklin Delano Roosevelt cause African Americans to change party alliance?

FDR created the frist black cabinet wich supplied an afrecan American view of public policy.

What president started public housing?

Franklin Roosevelt was President when the first federally-funded public housing was built in the US.

What caused Franklin D Roosevelt to run for President during the Great Depression?

A dedication to public services.

What caused Franklin D. Roosevelt to run for president during the great depression?

a dedication to public service

What Franklin Delano Roosevelt created millions of jobs to improve public lands with the?

Civilian conservation corps

How did Eleanor roosevelt change the role of the first lady during Franklin D. Roosevelt's time in office?

she took an active role in public policy issues

How did Eleanor Roosevelt change role of the first lady during Franklin d Roosevelt's time in office?

she took an active role in public policy issues

How did Franklin D. Roosevelt become so popular with the American public?

because the way he treated people... he treated everyone farely and everyone felt as thought they were getting the respect they finally deserved.

How did Franklin D. Roosevelthide his polio from the public?

Franklin D. Roosevelt hid his Polio in a number of ways such as not going out into public very often and standing for many of his photos, which made people think he was just fine.

Why did Franklin Delano Roosevelt want to hide his parallised legs?

He was afraid the public would see him as weak and not vote for him.