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What is the term used to describe two words that have the same meaning?


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Two or more words that have the same or similar meaning are called synonyms.

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Different words that have the same meaning are synonyms. Words that are opposites are called antonyms. Words that sound the same but don't have the same meaning are homonyms or homophones.

A synonym of course. An antonym for a word that is defined for hvaing the opposite or nearly the opposite meaning.

Jargon is a term that is used to describe a set of words that have a specific meaning in a specific context.

The term meaning having the same characteristics is two words, "in common"(e.g. they have a lot in common).The term meaning not common, or rare, is "uncommon."

five words to describe the term confidentiality.

High. It has the same meaning in music. Alto is typically used to describe meteorological cloud formations.

i think "beautiful" is the other term of the word nice.

A bifurcation or a distributary is the navigational term that means that a river splits in two. Both of these words are used to describe the splitting of the waterway.

Hypoplasia, rudamentary, or vestigal, are all words that can be used to describe something that is underdeveloped.

The term 'like' have the same meaning with its literal meaning.

the term used to describe how consistently several measurements of the same quantity give same result is

Homos is a Greek word meaning same. It is the antonym to hetros, which means different. It is used as a prefix to other root words. For instance, homosexual would refer to one that prefers relationships of those from the same gender. Homogeneous would describe groups of things that are similar.

They are called homophones but not homonyms, because homonyms are two words which have the same pronunciation and spelling but differ in meaning.They are homophones.

Words and phrases, when correctly translated, mean the same thing in all languages.

Homosexual is a medical term for same sex.

You might mean homonyms. Homonyms are different words that sound the same but have different meaning. Examples are: two and too, bite and bight, ball and bawl.

Concurrent is a term meaning "same time." Other possibilities are contemporaneous or synchronous.

Word choice is a term used to describe the words chosen by an author, using words that are very specific and descriptive of exactly what you want to say. Rather than words like good or happy, you would use words like amazing or ecstatic. The meaning of the word choice choices is similar to the meaning of the word option or options.

"To describe or write about the earth" It is the best way to describe the definition because it is the literal meaning

"Take it to heart" is a term used to describe when someone takes something very seriously. In other words, so seriously, they feel it in their heart.

Homonym a word pronounced and spelt the same as another, but having a different meaning, such as novel (a book) and novel (new).

same word, different meaning

Diverticulitis is the term used to describe an inflamed diverticulum.

Multigravida is a term used to describe some pregnant at least twice.

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