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The Canterbury Tales are linked together by the theme of a pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Thomas a'Becket, the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury. On the journey, the various members of the traveling group take turns entertaining each other with tales, some ribald, others amusing. The journey takes place in spring and the famous prologue celebrates the arrival of that season.

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What is the significance of The Canterbury Tales?

what is the significances of the canterbury tales

What theme does Chaucer convey in the prologue to The Canterbury Tales?

To show the variety of human natures.

What is the structure of The Canterbury Tales?

"The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer has a linear structure. The tales are a collection of stories built connected to a frame narrative, which was a popular way of telling stories at the time. However, the "Canterbury Tales" differed from traditional frame tales because the structure depended on the characters rather than a moral or general theme.

What is the name of the skipper in The Canterbury Tales?

The Skipper does not have a name in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. The Canterbury Tales was published in 1475.

The characters of the Canterbury Tales?

there are 29 characters in canterbury tales

Where are they going and why in the Canterbury Tales?

Who is telling the prologue in the canterbury tales

What has Canterbury got to do with the Canterbury tales?

Well in the Canterbury Tales, the characters were all on a pilgrimage to Canterbury, to the shrine of St. Thomas.

What is the Canterbury Tales written in?

The Canterbury Tales are written in Middle English.

What was the knights job in The Canterbury Tales?

What was the knights job Canterbury tales

Who is famous for Canterbury Tales?

John Steinbeck wrote Canterbury Tales.

Who is the author of 'The Canterbury Tales'?

The author of 'The Canterbury Tales' is CHAUCER.

When did chaucer write The Canterbury Tales?

in which year did chaucer write the Canterbury tales

When were Canterbury Tales written?

The Canterbury tales were written in the end of the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer. The Canterbury tales is a story about the travels of a group of pilgrims.

What was the main reason for the popularity of The Canterbury Tales in medieval England?

The novelty of the theme and its treatment enthralled the audience

Where are they going in the Canterbury Tales?

All the people in Canterbury Tales are on a pilgrimage to Canterbury because of the death of Tomas Becket.

In The Canterbury Tales where are the pilgrims going?

To Canterbury.

Who were the pilgrims in Canterbury Tales?

All of the characters mentioned in the Canterbury Tales are considered Pilgrims.

What did Harry Bailey from The Canterbury Tales do after the trip was over?

Nothing...Canterbury Tales was not completed

In Canterbury Tales Chaucer use sarcasm to describe who?

All the characters in Canterbury Tales

What was the authors purpose for writing the Canterbury Tales?

what are the authors purposae in writing canterbury tales

What characters get along in Canterbury Tales?

The characters that get along in the Canterbury tales are george and evans

What is the duration of The Canterbury Tales film?

The duration of The Canterbury Tales - film - is 2.03 hours.

What did the pilgrims plan to do in The Canterbury Tales?

You may need to read the book again. There are no pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales. Canterbury Tales was written in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Who is john in Miller's Tale in The Canterbury Tales?

In "The Canterbury Tales", John is the carpenter in the miller's tale.

When was Canterbury Tales - musical - created?

Canterbury Tales - musical - was created in 1964.