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What is the time limit for restrictive covenants in real estate?

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The statute of limitations for restrictive covenants varies from state to state. You would need to check your state laws for the limits in your jurisdiction.

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What is the interest limit on land installment contracts involving Maryland real estate?

No limit

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Can developer change house size restriction in covenants?

You should check the language in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenants to see if the developer reserved the right to make amendments to the restrictions. A developer usually reserve the right to make changes. However, even if he can make changes, a change in dwelling size should not affect your lot if made after you purchased it. You should seek the advice of a real estate attorney in your area.

Who won Shelley vs kraemer?

Shelley because a United States Supreme Court held that courts could not enforce racial covenants on real estate

What are some typical cases that real estate lawyers might handle?

A real estate attorney might handle disputes regarding ownership, legal filings, disclosures, etc. Before closing, the services of a real estate attorney are invaluable (and often required) to review all documentation; make sure there are no covenants, easements, liens; verify the agreement with the lender, etc. A real estate attorney often attends the closing with the buyer or seller.

What is cost of land use restrictive covenant?

You should contact several real estate law firms in your area, explain what you need and ask for a estimate of costs.

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What does ''Land fee' mean in real estate ads?

A homeowner with fee simple ownership has complete enjoyment of the house, including the land and any buildings that might be built on it. Just zoning codes, deed or subdivision limits, and covenants limit it.

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What is NIREM?

NIREM is the short form of IDS National Institute of Real Estate Management which is a management institute. It offers educational programs and courses in different areas of real estate such as real estate management, real estate marketing, real estate sales, real estate finance, real estate investment, real estate appraisal etc at the levels of PG Diploma and Diploma. It also offers certificate in real estate management. Apart from the above, NIREM also conducts management development programs in real estate. probably the first institute in India that offers real estate education.