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Camp Councilers. If you mean in WWII And in the Holocaust, Those where Nazi's soldiers.

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Q: What is the title of people who work at camps?
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What were the so viet labor camps?

they were camps where people were put to work.

What did people do at consentration camps?

Work as slaves

What kind of work were the people forced to do in nazi camps?

Work for the armaments industryQuarryingMining

What types of work did people do in mining camps?

What the people did in the minning camps was, Gather to collect gold, and as for the women and children, they cooked and ect.

What did the children do for work in the camps?

Children did not work in the camps.

What was the difference between concetrantion camps and death camps?

The main difference is that concentration camps were for confining prisoners and putting them to work, death camps were purpose built to murder people.

What was done with the people that Hitler did not like?

they were usually sent to concentration camps (death camps), work camps, or political prisoner camps. he would exterminate the people he did not like (kill them), or he would keep them as prisoners, he would torture them too.

What kind of work did the Jewish people do in the concentration camps?

They dug soil

Why did people agree with Hitler's concentration camps?

Most thought they were simply work camps and they were being relocated and not the full story.

What wold they do to the people that are to weak to work in concentration camps?

The weak, the old and children were gassed as soon as practical after arrival at the extermination camps.

What happened to Jewish people who refused to work in the concentration camps?

Simply killed

What were the first seven major camps?

Concentration camps , transit camps , forced labour camps (aka) "work camps" , and death camps.

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