What is the top speed for a Honda shadow vlx?

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It'll go about 32 ft per second squared if you drop it off a cliff! Going down the road under power, speeds much over 75 are uncomfortable. This bike is best ridden under 65 MPH.
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What is the top speed of a 1997 Honda Shadow VLX 600?

All the articles I have read say 90, I have taken mine to 95. but that's it theres nothing left. Its not geared for anything more. Change the rear sprocket out from the st

Where is the oil pan plug on a Honda shadow 600cc vlx?

The VLX doesn't use an oil "pan", but the drain plug is on the left side of the engine, towards the rear and nearly up against the support frame. It's a tight squeeze to get t

How do you remove the seat from a 97 Honda shadow 600 VLX?

There are two Allen Head bolts, just as the seat breaks for the passenger. Raise the seat cushion and look under there. That's all there is holding the seat to the bike. Use a

How many mpg does a 2005 Honda shadow vlx 600cc get?

45 mpg, claim is 50mpg From personal experience with my 2007 VLX, I usually get around 52 mpg with a mix of riding 80% city and 20% highway. If you can stay down around 65

Honda shadow 600 vlx?

For general information, try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_VT600C

Where is top speed limiter on Honda shadow 1100?

Depending on the year of the bike and assuming it's stock you can expect between 70-98 mph topped out. Remember though there are lots of variables to consider such as year of
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What is the top speed of a Honda shadow spirit 1100?

I have a 2006 shadow spirit 1100. I read that you can expect 70-98mph tops, but this weekend I rode it at 110-115mph on the highway...I have hard chrome pipes and the carbs we
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Jump start 96 vlx 600 Honda shadow?

Turn the key to "on" and put it in 2nd gear. With the clutch lever held down, push the bike getting up to a good jogging speed. Let go of the clutch lever, it will grunt a lit
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How do you charge the battery in a 2004 Honda shadow vlx 600?

Find the battery first, look for the plus side it is the positive pole on the battery, You put the red or positive clamp from your charger on there. Then you put the negative
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What the top speed for a 1985 Honda shadow 700?

I had my 1985 700 Honda shadow topped out at 124mph. It didn't matter if it was in 5th or 6th gear it was 124mph throttle pulled all the way back for at least a minute at 124m