What is the top speed of a Formula 1?

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depends completely on the cars aerodynamic setup, gear ratios, ect. The highest recorded speed however of an F1 car was by the 2005 Honda F1 car which reached a flash reading of 400km/h at Bonneville however because it could not reach it on the way back its official speed record 397km/h. The quickest F1 car speed of the 2011 season was 350km/h by Sergio Perez at Monza though on average the top speed of an F1 car at an average circuit would be around 315km/h
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What is the top speed of a formula one car?

The top speed ever acheived by a formula one car during a race was 369.9 km/h (229.8 mph) set during the 2004 Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Italy by driver Antônio Pizzonia

How long can an formula 1 car maintain its top speed?

An Formula One cra with a full tank is capable of maintaining its top speed (220mph) for precisley 16minutes 7.56 seconds. This is only possible if there is enough straight ro

What if the average speed of a formula 1 car?

F1 cars and the cutting edge technology that constitute them produce an unprecedented combination of outright speed and quickness for the drivers. Every F1 car on the grid i

What is the top speed of a formula 1 car in mph?

A Honda Formula One car, running with minimum downforce on a runway in the Mojave desert achieved a top speed of 415 km/h (258 mph) in 2006. According to Honda the car fully m

What is the mach 1 top speed?

Mach 1 means the speed of sound. The speed of sound is 343meters per second, 1,126ft/sec or 768mph.

What is the exact top speed of a Formula 1 car?

Actually this value depends on the season and on the car. In the previous season 2010 the top cars (Ferrari, Red Bull, and McLaren) had top speeds in excess of 320 kmph. The m
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Why do formula 1 cars have different speeds?

The speed of an f1 car depends on many things. It's engine capacity, gear shift ratio, aerodynamic efficiency of the car body etc. Since different f1 cars are made by differen
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What is speed trap in formula 1?

An electronic measurement device, usually deployed at the fastest parts of the circuit, to indicate the (maximum) speed the driver is achieving.
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What is Ferrari formula 1 top speed?

Varies by what engine era. V10, V8 or the new V6 turbo. Like witany other F1 car, it is down to set up and tyres. Typical top speedof the V6 engine is about 210 based on the c