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What is the torque sequence of a 93 Geo Storm?

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Torque sequence of what. Heads, wheels, etc.

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What type of freon goes in a 93 geo storm?


How do you time a 1993 GEO storm?

You can't. They have a distributor pack, and not a cap and rotor. a 1.6 eng 93 geo storm has a distributor cap and rotor!!!

Where is oxygen sensor on a 93 geo storm?

It's threaded into the front of your exhaust manifold.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a 93 geo storm?

Its on the end of the fuel rail

Will a 92 Geo Metro engine fit into a 93 geo storm?

It should. To better check, go to local parts store and check the Haines should be for both Geo Metro and Geo Storm, just check that is bolts up the same.

How do you read the 93 geo storm error code?

there is a connector under the dash on the passenger side

Where is the pilot bearingbushing on a 1991 geo storm 1.6l manual transmission?

there is no pilot bushing/bearing for the Geo Storms '90-'93 manual transaxle.

What is the biggest engine you can put in a 93 geo storm?

A Chevrolet 502 if you want to do all the work that would take. Realistically, a 1.8L DOHC 16V out of the Geo Storm GSI is about the most you're gonna fit in there.

What does the econ button do on a 93 geo storm gsi?

It changes the shift points in the transmission for best fuel economy.

Will a 93 Geo Metro transmission fit in a 95 Geo Metro?

Can you swap a 93 Geo metro manual transmition with a 95 Geo Metro

Can you put a 1993 geo storm motor in a 1991 geo storm?

Yes any Storm motor will fit in any storm, however you will also need the wiring harness from the new engine if it is not the IDENTICAL motor. You will also then need the ECM. Storm Motors Include 1.6 SOHC 12v (90-93 Base Model) 1.6 DOHC 16v (90-91 GSi) 1.8 DOHC 16v (92-93 GSi) Sources...

How do you remove the top speed limiter on 93' Geo storm?

u have to get a performance chip it will diasble the top speed limiter

How do you figure the stereo wiring of a 93 Geo Storm?

best bet is go to an stereo store or crutchfield and get adapter they're cheap

What is the torque for a Nissan Altima '93?

yo need the torque for the tires. its 75

Where is the PCV valve located on a 93 Geo Storm for replacement?

the PVC vlave is located in a hole on the top of the valve cover next to the oil fill cap.

How do you remove the dash on a 93 Geo Storm?

take the screws out on the top you have to use a short Philips screw driver and theres 2 screws on the bottom then it pulls out

How to remove front rotors on 93 geo storm?

Jack up car, remove wheel, remove brake caliber. the rotor will pull right off

What is the torque rating for the head bolt on 93 subaru 1.8 4 cylinder engine?

NOTEStep 1: Tighten all bolts to 22 ft. lbs.Step 2: Tighten all bolts to 51 ft. lbs.Step 3: Loosen all bolts, in reverse torque sequence, by 180°Step 4: Loosen all bolts, in reverse torque sequence again by 180°Step 5: Tighten bolts #1 and #2, in the torque sequence, to25 ft. lbs.Step 6: Tighten bolts #3,4,5 and #6, in the torque sequence, 11 ft. lbs.Step 7: Tighten all bolts, in torque sequence, by 80-90°Step 8: Tighten all bolts, in torque sequence, again by 80-90°

93 Geo storm transmission fluid?

manual transmiissions theres a fill plug on the drivers side take the wheel off and youll see it next to the cvjoint

What are Torque specs on tie rod end of 93 geo tracker?

It's more of an alignment question than a torque question. Once the alignment is good, snug them up well and you'll be fine. As many as I've done, on many different brands of vehicles, I've never used a torque wrench.

Are 93 Geo Metros and 92 Geo Metro engines the same?

Yes 1litre 3 cylinder.

Will a 91 Geo Metro steering column work on a 93 Geo Metro?


What is the torque sequence for a 1999 Chevy blazer 4 3 how tight should bolts be on the intake manifold?

Dunno if it's any help, but on my 93 model it was 125 INCH pounds. No sequence was listed so I criss-crossed in an alternating pattern.

Is a starter from a 93 Geo Storm compatible with a 91 Storm?

All GEO Storm starters are interchangeable. It does not matter the year, engine or transmission. You can also get them from any Isuzu Impulse, Stylus, and 89 I-Mark RS. Some of the starters look different, or have different shapes. But all bolt up the same and will work. I have found a few have a different connector for the solinoid. This is delt with by splicing the wire with the correct type of connector from the donor car.

What are the head bolt specs for 93 38 mercury cougar?

Torque Sequence 1993 3.8 Cougar; Looking at Engine from front of car the lower bolts are 7 3 1 5 upper bolts are 8 4 2 6. Step 1; Torque in Sequence to 37 FT./ LBS Step 2;Torque in Seq. To 45 FT./LBS. Step 3; Torque in Seq. To 52 FT,/LBS. Step4; Torque in Seq. To 59 FT./LBS. Step 5; Back off all bolts in Torque Sequence 2-3 turns. Step 6; Retorque all Bolts in Sequence 11-18 FT/LBS. Step7; Rotate Long Bolts 85-105 Degrees, Short Bolts 65-85 Degrees in Sequence. Recheck final Torque in Sequence. When replacing Head Gasket Besure To Replace all Head Bolts. Hope I Have Helped -u-. "Odie"