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What is the total square footage for open offices in the US?

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Colliers Oxford has this data but you have to pay or be a client to access it.

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Do you count open lofts in square footage of homes?

you con only count square footage as the foot print a room has. that would be the part of a room you can walk on

Are government offices open a day after thanksgiving?

Yes, government offices are open the Friday after Thanksgiving.

When are the Glasgow public holidays in 2011?

January3rd New Year's day - All offices are closed.4th - All offices are closed.April22nd Good Friday - All offices are closed.25th Easter Monday - All offices are closed.29th Royal Wedding - All offices are closed.May2nd - All offices are closed.30th Spring holiday - All offices are closed.July11th - Aberdeen office is closed, all other offices open.18th - Glasgow office is closed, all other offices open.25th - Dundee office is closed. all other offices open.September16th (afternoon only) - Inverness office is closed, all other offices open.19th - Edinburgh and Inverness offices is closed, all other offices open.26th - Aberdeen and Glasgow offices are closed, all other offices open.October3rd - Dundee office is closed, all other offices open.December26th - All offices are closed.27th - All offices are closed.

Do school offices open on Sundays?

No, school offices are closed on Sundays.

Are post offices open on Thanksgiving?


Are social security offices open on good Friday?

All U.S. post offices in all counties are open on Good Friday.

Are county offices open on election day?

All county offices are closed today.

An open office is open and an enclosed offices is enclosed?

Assuming you're talking about a business.. Open office plan - is one huge room, with individual workspaces separated by moveable partitions. Enclosed offices - has each employee in entirely separate offices.

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Are post offices open on public holidays?


Is Georgia lottery offices open on Saturday?


Is probation offices open on president's day?


Are Social Security offices closed on election day?

No, Social Security offices are open on election day.

Are the post offices open tomorrow?

No , Martin Luther King is a Federal holiday and the post offices will be closed .

Can a 2nd floor bedroom egress window open onto a exterior porch roof?

Yes. As long as it meets the required distance from the floor and the minimum square footage opening. Example - where I am the opening must be 5.7 square feet or larger.

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Are any ca dmv offices open saturdays?


Are Hawaii State offices open on Columbus Day?

they don't observe or honor Columbus day in Hawaii it's Discoverers day state offices sould be open @

Are welfare offices open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

No, welfare offices are not open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as it is a federal holiday.

Do post offices open on Saturday?

Many Post Offices are open until Noon on Saturdays. You can check the USPS website to find the hours of your local Post Office.

Are post offices open July 3?

Yes, open today, but not the 4th.

Are doctor offices open black Friday?

It depends on the doctor really. Some doctors offices want to give their employees the extra day off and some want to open.

Is vital records offices open on Good Friday?

is vital records open on good friday