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Traditionally; copper or woolen products are given as gift

Modern gifts are desk sets, copper sculptures etc...

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Q: What is the traditional 7th anniversary gift?
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What is the traditional 70th wedding anniversary gift?

If you are referring to the traditional 70th anniversary wedding gift, it is platinum.

What is the traditional gift given for a 30 year wedding anniversary?

Pearls are the traditional gift for 30th Wedding Anniversary

What is the gift for twentieth anniversary?

The traditional 20-year anniversary gift is china.

What is second anniversary gift?

Traditional second anniversary gift: cotton or straw Modern 2nd anniversary gift: china

What is the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary?

The traditional 20th wedding anniversary gift should be china. The traditional flower is Asters.

What is the traditional gift for 15th wedding anniversary?

Crystal is the traditional gift, for more information on traditional wedding anniversary gifts there is a link below.

What is the traditional gift for a 58th wedding anniversary?

There is no traditional gift for a 58th wedding anniversary, as they are only celebrated with traditional gifts every five years after being married 25 years. For a 60th anniversary, a diamond jubilee is the traditional gift.

What is traditional gift for second wedding anniversary?

The traditional gift is made of paper .

What is the traditional gift for a 8th wedding anniversary?

Traditional anniversary: Bronze or pottery Modern anniversary: Lace or linen

What is gift for 51years anniversary?

there is no standard for traditional gift on this year

What is a traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift?

Fiftieth wedding anniversary is the Golden anniversary - so the gift would be gold.

What anniversary is 20 years?

China is the traditional gift for the 20th anniversary.

What to you get someone for there 25 anniversary?

The traditional gift for the 25th anniversary is silver.

What ia a 15th anniversary gift?

Crystal is the traditional 15th anniversary gift, and wrist watches are the modern gift.

What is the traditional 30th anniversary gift?


What is your 35th wedding anniversary?

The 35th wedding anniversary is the "Coral" anniversary, which is the traditional gift. The modern gift is jade and the gemstone is an emerald.

What is the traditional 18th anniversary gift?

For the 18th Wedding Anniversary gifts it is: Porcelain. Anniversary Travel Gift: Denmark or China.

What do you call 10 wedding anniver?

10th WEDDING ANNIVERSARYTraditional Anniversary Gift: TinModern Anniversary Gift: AluminumTravel Anniversary Gift Ideas: South America

What is the traditional gift for a twenty fifth wedding anniversary?

Traditional: Silver

What is the traditional gift given for the fifth wedding anniversary?

Traditional: Wood

What is the traditional 48th anniversary gift?

There are no traditional gifts for a 48th wedding anniversary. After the 15th anniversary, traditional gifts for anniversaries go up in increments of 5 years.

What is the gift for a fifteenth wedding anniversary?

The traditional gift is crystal, and the modern gift is watches.

Where can I find a traditional one year anniversary gift? is a great place to browse many gifts that are modern and traditional. On this website you can also find a guide to traditional anniversary gift ideas.

What is the traditional gift for a 18th wedding anniversary?


What is the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift?