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What is the traditional dance of Venezuela?


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Joropo is the national dance.

An important traditional dance though is Gaita

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The traditional bread of Venezuela is the arepa, this is a type of rounded corn-meal.

some traditional dances in Venezuela are the meringue, the polka, the joropo, and the ballet hispanico.

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Iraq's traditional dance is Dabka

Joropo is the national dance of Venezuela

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Venezuela has many types of dance such as meringue, the polka, the joropo, and the ballet hispanico. if you need more dances than this just research venezuelan dance.

There traditional dance are like ballroom style such as waltz.

The traditional dance of the visayans is 'Pandanggo sa Ilaw'.

What do you mean? Like what do people wear to a Christmas dinner in Venezuela? Is there a traditional Christmas outfit??? People dress normal.

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beans, rice, and fish.

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